The Sanctuary Hosts Equine Osteopathy Two-Day Workshop With Dr. Stephen Schwartz

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
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Ocala, FL – The Sanctuary Equine Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation Center recently hosted a two-day workshop with Dr. Stephen Schwartz, D. O., a specialist in Equine Osteopathy. A lecturer of Animal Osteopathy at Wingate Institute in Israel, Schwartz has practiced in London, New Zealand, Australia and now in Israel, where he has been living since 2000.

“It was a fantastic workshop and everyone really learned a great deal from Dr. Schwartz,” said Brenda McDuffee, General Manager of The Sanctuary. “As an Equine Osteopath, Dr. Schwartz is trained to recognize and treat many causes of pain in horses. His treatments include stretching techniques, rhythmic passive joint movements, mobilization to improve joint mobility and high velocity thrust techniques. Schwartz explained that ‘Equine Osteopathy is a gentle non-aggressive therapy. Is it about technique, rhythm and grace of movement. A relaxed rider results in the horse being relaxed, as well’.”

While at The Sanctuary, Schwartz explained that Equine Osteopathy is a system of treatment and diagnosis that uses manual techniques to address imbalances, restrictions and tensions throughout the body. Schwartz said that when he works on a horse it helps remove the tension and enables the body to heal itself, improve blood flow, reduce pain and improve mobility. Mc Duffee added, “Dr. Schwartz discussed many topics such as mobilization of the joints, arthritis, backaches, coffin bone fractures, realignment of the sacroiliac joint and improving performance.”

“The workshop really focused on what The Sanctuary believes in, which is the healing and well-being of all equine athletes,” McDuffee said. “We are proud that we have treated four Olympic medal winners, 38 Grand Prix horses, 19 National Titled horses and 47 Stakes Winners or Placers.”

“This was my first workshop at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a unique and amazing facility, which benefits from Equine Osteopathy through these workshops. I demonstrated step-by-step Equine Osteopathic techniques to the group and then worked directly with the participants on their hands-on technique,” said Schwartz. “I plan on holding quarterly workshops at The Sanctuary and I will look forward to teaching riders to relax themselves and how to incorporate Human Osteopathy with Equine Osteopathy.”

In addition to hosting clinics and workshops at The Sanctuary, the multi-million dollar facility in Ocala recently opened a Rood & Riddle Podiatry Center. Vets from the well-known Lexington, Kentucky Rood & Riddle facility travel to The Sanctuary twice a month to work on horses with equine foot problems.

“Besides hosting workshops, such as this one with Dr. Schwartz, The Sanctuary offers the latest in technological equipment designed to promote safe and rapid advancement for horses recovering from injury or in need of training,” McDuffee said. “Our staff is thoroughly trained and knowledgeable, with a passion for horses and the desire to see each horse return well rested, fit and ready to perform at the top of his game.”

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