Sale of the Rising Stars Has Record Sale

Monday, January 23, 2017
Posted by Wendy Scholten


French rider Aymeric de Ponnat with his new addition Honeymore WV
French rider Aymeric de Ponnat with his new addition Honeymore WV

The French rider Aymeric de Ponnat may add a new future super star to his stables after the purchase of Honeymore WV (Bamako de Muze) at Sale of the Rising Stars by horse owners Antoine and Cécile Bourgeois. They were opposed by Boy-Adrian van Gelderen, who decided not to exceed 170,000 euros. On Saturday evening January 21 the seventh edition of Sale of the Rising Stars with fourteen show jumping horses ended with a record turnover of 1.066.000 euros and an average price over 76,000 euros.

Unexpected purchases
Four horses werd sold for 100,000 euros or more. For 130,000 euros, the Belgian rider Boy-Adrian van Gelderen bought the KWPN licensed stallion Gringo (Catoki x Tolan R), which generates very high expectations for the future. Earlier in the auction he purchased Heliotrop HB S (Tornesch x Calvados) for 32,000 euros for his girlfriend and Golga O (Brainpower x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) for 70,000 euros.

"And I was not even going to buy horses for myself," laughs Boy-Adrian van Gelderen. "My girlfriend was interested in Heliotrop and I came along to watch. My parents watched the live streaming and were charmed by Honeymore and Gringo, but also had an eye on Golga O. I have not tried one horse. We just took the chance. At the time the bids were silent for Gringo, I put in a bid and we got him", said the rider, who will take the young horses to the Spanish Sunshine Tour.

Smiling from ear to ear
The popularity of Honeymore WV, who is closely related to the Grand Prix stallion Wizzerd WV, was predicted due to her exceptional jumping technique and rideability. "We are so happy with her. Aymeric, also known as rider of Armitage Boy, really likes to train and produce young horses. This afternoon he made three jumps with her and he had a smile from ear to ear. Last week he mentioned the auction and we came her to Drachten especially for this mare, " says Cécile Bourgeois.

Charlotte Verhagen will ride Grand Beau (Chello III VDL x Celano), who is bought for 120,000 euros by Hagenhorst Horses. Neal Fearon and Katie Moffatt purchased Lykke Li Terma Z (Levisto Z x Cornet Obolensky) for 100,000 euros. Milena Pappas was also very happy with her investment of 90,000 euros in Cima di Castella BZ (Comme d'Api van de Hacienda). Her formal SOTRS-auction horse Constance (Indoctro) jumps Grand Prix with Jessica Mendoza now and Milena hopes to have a new successor with Cima.

Very pleased
Teus van den Brink, initiator of the auction, is very pleased with the results. "Of course it would be great if all the horses would sell for 200,000 euros and I had higher expectations of a few horses, but we are talking about an auction. It has to be very attractive to buy a horse here. As contributor you have to dare sell your winnings and leave luck with a horse, even though you might not win anything. If I would take horses back home, I would not be taken seriously anymore. An auction is supposed to be transparent. I am very pleased with the sales and the whole route up to the auction. It took a lot of work, stress and effort, but the auction was super successful. Also nice is that most horses go to new customers, even to people who did not try the horses. They bought because they trust us. That gives a great feeling.”

The bronze horse by artist Jacqueliene van der Veer was sold at the beginning of the auction for 3,000 euros. The amount will be donated to Cancer Fund KiKa and the sculpture goes home with Indoor Drachten board member Fré Nienhuis.