Saddle Fitter Michael Rucci: Connecting Riders to Horses with Custom Saddlery

Saturday, September 27, 2014
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Custom Saddlery is pleased to add Michael Rucci to their team of fitters
Custom Saddlery is pleased to add Michael Rucci to their team of fitters

Wellington, FL – Custom Saddlery knows better than anyone that the only saddle worth having is a saddle that truly fits the horse. The Aiken, South Carolina-based company is internationally known for the top-quality saddles it produces; all customized to fit the specific horses and riders they are made for. Equestrians using Custom Saddlery saddles discover an unparalleled feeling of moving as one with their four-legged teammate. To even further improve its ability to create saddles for specific horses’ shapes and sizes, Custom Saddlery has brought in saddle fitter Michael Rucci to join its team of professionals. Michael Rucci, originally from Tewksbury, New Jersey, is now located in Wellington, Florida as the new Custom Saddlery fitter for the horse-loving state of Florida. Rucci has an extensive equestrian background, and has been in a Custom saddle for nearly all of it. “I’ve ridden dressage for the past fifteen or twenty years,” Rucci said. “I’ve done show jumping, I’ve done combined driving, I’ve done a lot of different activities with horses. I had a training farm in Tewksbury, New Jersey for twenty-three years, and most all of my training people rode in Custom saddles.”

Rucci chose to become part of the talented crew at Custom Saddlery because of his belief in the quality of these unique saddles. “I like the product, and I think it should be represented really well. I really do think it’s a good saddle.” He explained. Rucci’s experience in the saddle has taught him that the key to having a good saddle is for it to fit the horse and rider well, and have the ability to continue to fit even as the horse changes and develops. “It’s very important. And that’s the thing about Custom - we can change the saddle or do what we need to do at any point in time.”

While working with Custom Saddlery, Rucci’s goal is to help riders find excellent-fitting saddles and “to represent the saddle the best way we can do it. It’s a good product. It needs to be out there. Honestly, more people need to see how good the saddle can be.”

“We are very pleased to add another talented and dedicated fitter to Custom’s team,” said Cary Wallace, president of Custom Saddlery. “Mike will be a great asset for our clients and for us going into the busy Florida dressage season.”

Custom Saddlery’s partnership with Michael Rucci will help them do doing what they do best—manufacturing saddles that meet each customer’s specific needs and preferences. The company creates saddles for both dressage and jumping, and also offers beautiful saddle pads, girths, and other accessories.

For more information about Custom Saddlery and professional saddle fitters like Michael Rucci, visit www.mysaddle.com or call 1-800-235-3865.