Robert Dover Donates Precious Family Heirlooms Items for Bidding at the EAF/Palm Beach Derby Fundraiser

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Posted by bossmare

One of the original founders of the Equestrian Aid Foundation, 6 time Olympian for the USEF Dressage Team, Robert Dover will be our auctioneer for the 11th annual Palm Beach Dressage Derby “Inspection Reception” which has benefitted the Equestrian Aid Foundation for the past three years. Robert has just contacted us with photos of gold jewelry created by his Mom, Jean Dover. “I would like to donate gold jewelry hand-crafted years ago by my mother for the EAF Auction. The gold Two Horse pin is very heavy and one of a kind and the horse head ring with emerald eyes and a diamond star is equally stunning. These are collector’s items as much as they are valuable for the gold and jewels since they have been my Mom's for decades and she created them.”

Robert is currently having the pieces appraised for valuing the minimum bid.