Robert Dover’s Get Home Safe Appeal

Thursday, November 30, 2017
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(Photo: Mary Phelps)

Dear Friends,
I am sending this letter to you and all who share our love for our Wellington Equestrian Community and its residents. Last weekend, as many of you know, we tragically lost 2 amazing kids in a terrible auto accident on South Shore Boulevard.

The driver was a 19 year old girl and beside her was a 21 year old boy who I gave one of four 2017 Future Stars Scholarships. Christian Kennedy was a wonderful kid with a big heart and a lot of talent. So much so that Oded Shimoni watched and hired him when the winter season was coming to an end and my time helping him was coming to a close. The 3 kids were together celebrating the day of showing at our local restaurant/ bar and left in her car, after-which the driver lost control at high speed and hit several trees, killing the 2 kids in front and critically injuring the 3rd young lady in the back seat.

We are all shocked and saddened and asking what we can do. I contacted Tom Wright, a great friend and professional trainer who has worked with some of you and has hired limo’s to safely drive anyone home from both The Grille and Players Club over the last 2 years. If you are among those sponsoring the limo’s which run $650.00 per night, I personally want to thank you very much. That being said, it was done very quietly and it is my opinion as well as that of Tom, Juan Ganda, and others, that we need to redouble our efforts to ensure that no one gets into their own car to drive off if they are not completely sober. To that end, Tom, Juan, and I came up with the idea:

There are two ways you can help this program:
1) You can become a Sponsor for $650.00 for a car for any Saturday or Sunday night. Tom and I will make a master schedule and put you directly in touch with Frank Broglio to arrange for payment.
2) We are also asking those interested to become “Celebrity Bouncers”. The idea is that 2 adults will go to the bars from 11pm until 1am, wearing “GET HOME SAFE” t-shirts I am having made up at Art Of Life, thanks to Dave, and basically browse among the patrons and make sure no person, especially NO KID, gets into their own car to drive off if they appear even slightly inebriated.

If you are interested in helping in either way, please feel free to contact me or Tom immediately and we will be thrilled to have your assistance! Let’s not let one more kid or adult die in our town from an accident we can together stop!

Thank you very much and I wish you Safe and Happy Holidays.