RIP Royal Coeur - Horse of a Lifetime for Marne Martin-Tucker

Wednesday, November 8, 2017
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Marne Martin-Tucker and Royal Coeur

Royal Coeur was a horse of a lifetime for Marne Martin-Tucker who made an impact for the USA in the World Young Horse Championships. A States Premium mare with a score over 8, eventually an Elite Mare, she carried her owner Marne Martin-Tucker to the World Young Horse Championships after an 8.8 at Hickstead.

Royal Coeur helped Marne earn her Gold Medal in the US at Grand Prix. "Most importantly," said Marne, " she was my trusted companion across three countries in Europe and the US.

From four years old when I got her, she knew she was part of my heart and one of the family.

Both Michael Tucker and I loved her so much. Mike loved to ride her every now and then for fun.

Eight and a half years together gave so many wonderful memories, but how I wish that we had even more time. We miss her so much even though she will always be in our hearts."

Marne Martin-Tucker and Royal Coeur

Marne Martin-Tucker and Royal Coeur at the World Young Horse Championships. ©eurodressage.com

"Fly with the angels my beloved girl and may you now run with the wind again."

Laminitis / Founder is a horrible disease that I hope one day more is understood as with mares and hormones, sometimes nothing seems to really work.

Marne is a breeder and amateur dressage rider with a full time international job in technology who owns her own software company with her husband.

Royal Couer has a daughter by Temptation and two sons (geldings) to help carry on the bloodline.

"But nothing is a substitute for seeing her lovely and expressive face in the barn. I always thought she would be the grand old dame in the barn and live to 30."