Riders Coast-to-Coast Love Riding With Soul™ CDs

Thursday, December 10, 2009

“I know riding is a sport. But when I ride to Riding With Soul CDs, I feel like I’m creating ‘living art’.” Jane S. – Florida

“I started riding my first freestyle in competition last year, and had so much fun; I got inspired to start using music to ride to everyday. We play around with music at the barn – I’ve got everyone riding in the barn to music! We love it, we love that it helps with the rhythm. It sets a metronome for us. Everyone just loves it – we get silly – just a bunch of adult amateur women! We’re just having fun, and that what it’s all about!”  Nancy M . – New Hampshire

“I always listen to music, so it only makes sense that I also ride to music. But I thought using music in riding was only something that Grand Prix dressage riders could do. It helped me so much! I stopped thinking and worrying and concentrating too hard! Then, all of a sudden, I noticed my horse was loose and relaxed, and I wasn’t nagging him at all! Riding With Soul was great! It’s now a permanent fixture in the barn CD player!” Skylar M. – Colorado

“My poor instructor at school was always having to count the beats of the gaits for me.  We could never get past that! I felt like every time she’d teach me, it’d be the same story. I started using Riding With Soul, and the next lesson was incredible! She didn’t have to get after me once! Callie M. – California