The Rider Project is Helping Riders Overcome Rider's Block and Create Riding Breakthroughs

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
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Equestrians Learn in One Day, No Horse Required, Workshops

The Rider Project announces it’s newest program to the riding public, the Whole Rider Workshop. This one day (or entire weekend) curriculum brings equestrians indoors to educate them on the best way to communicate with their horse(s).

The Rider Project is the creation of founder, Lisa El-Ramey. Ms. El-Ramey’s experience and knowledge as a United States Equestrian Federation Senior “S” dressage judge, professional horse trainer, nationally successful competitor and successful riding instructor/coach led her to create The Rider Project to assist equestrians seeking a better and more harmonious relationship with their equine partners.

Photos: Riders working horseless on balance and feel in the USDF University Accredited Whole Rider Workshop (Photo: courtest of The Whole Rider Workshop)

The Whole Rider Workshop program evolved from Seat Retreats offered at Oak Hammock Farm, Inc in Loxahatchee, FL. The Seat Retreat is a one day, no horse required, clinic. The day begins studying riding theory, methodology and examining biomechanics and physiology of the rider and horse. Additional activities include yoga, work with a personal trainer, and evaluation by a massage therapist. The yoga, exercises and massage are tailored specifically to areas benefiting riders. Lastly, participants ride on a lesson horse on the lunge line. While on the lunge line riders apply concepts learned earlier in the day. The benefit of being on the lunge is the freedom riders have to focus completely on themselves as the horse is controlled from the ground by the instructor. Here they clarify how issues specific to their bodies can be improved with the new concepts and insights gleaned throughout the day.

The 2019 Seat Retreats were so effective at accelerating improvement in participants, the demand to expand the concept nationally sparked the Whole Rider Workshop. Whole Rider Workshops continue incorporating the foundation established in the Seat Retreat format, but augment the participant’s experience with the addition of a wellness/ nutrition expert and a performance coach. These individuals bring the benefit of improving your body from the inside out with better health, nutrition and exercises to overcome mental blocks.

The Rider Workshop

The opportunity to participate in an upcoming Whole Rider Workshop will be March 14-15, 2020. Day 1, March 14, will be at the beautiful Palm Beach State College Loxahatchee Groves Campus. Day 2, March 15, is limited to 8 riders and their horses hosted at Oak Hammock Farm, Inc. Other dates and locations include March 28-29, 2020 Lake City, FL and April 18-19 August, MI. More dates/locations to be announced. Find out more by visiting The Rider Project website.

South Florida enjoys the seasonal influx of equestrians from all over the world. Many riders come this time of year to compete while enjoying the fantastic riding weather, others come to escape the cold and spectate at world class competitions hosted in Wellington, FL. Whole Rider Workshops and Seat Retreats allow competitors, visiting and casual riders, riders of all riding disciplines, or anyone seeking to be the best equestrian possible an opportunity to explore how to make their riding dreams come true!

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About The Rider Project
The Rider Project works to promote riding throughout the equestrian community. Working with experts in equine, fitness, and sports industries The Rider Project develops unique programs to better serve riders seeking alternative ways of learning. Visit THERIDERPROJECT.ORG for a complete list of courses and upcoming date.

If you would like more information about this event, please call Lisa El-Ramey at 561-662-0519 or email