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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
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Rider-Exchange Participants 2016: Maren Reinbold, Rosie Simoes, Caitlin Kincaid, and Jessica Nemzoff

Rider-Exchange Participants 2016: Maren Reinbold, Rosie Simoes, Caitlin Kincaid, and Jessica Nemzoff

“We can breed the best horses, but in the end they can only perform as presented by the rider” - Dr. Werner Schade, Head of the Hannoveraner Verband

Training Center Hannoveraner Verband
It is the Hannoveraner Verband’s mission to further the Hanoverian Horse in breeding and sport. A major part thereof is the development of first class riders and trainers that have the experience and the knowledge to train their horses and other riders according to the classical training principles to bring out the best of every horse. The facilities at the Hannoveraner Verband in Verden provide an optimal training environment with multiple indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, a walker, and outdoor trails surrounding the place. Above that, the constant presence of our experienced trainers, namely Joern Ahrens, Daniel Fritz and Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen for dressage and Thomas Schoenig and Steffen Werner for show-jumping, offers constant support to every rider at the Hannoveraner Verband. We highly value the classical education according to the training pyramid. Above that, the variety of horses at the Hannoveraner Verband taught our riders and trainers how to look at each horse’s temperament, character, body composition and talent to suit expectations, training plan and each training session perfectly to the horse. These circumstances and the quality of work that is done by our team in Verden enabled the Hannoveraner Verband to become the world’s most well-known breeding association and auction place and therewith the optimal marketing and sales platform for every Hanoverian breeder.

Rider-Exchange Program: Development Cross-Border
However, as the Hannoveraner Verband, we do not allow ourselves to stand still. We constantly work on opportunities to improve, develop ourselves, further the Hanoverian breed and build opportunities. Furthering the sport and furthering the Hanoverian Horse does not end at our doorstep. As an international breeding association we need to work across borders. To bring some of the knowledge we have accumulated in Verden to other countries, educate the finest riders for our breeders, and build a strong Hanoverian network all over the world, we created the Hannoveraner Verband Rider-Exchange Program.

The Rider-Exchange Program allows four young professionals to come to the Hannoveraner Verband in Germany during the “Golden Autumn”. This is the time period from mid-September to mid-November in which the Elite-Auction, the Stallion Licensing and Stallion Market and the November Auction take place. The riders will be paired with one of our existing rider-groom teams and start the program as an assistant rider. They will become part of the team and as such experience the daily work done by our riders, grooms and trainers. Above that the program will be accompanied by excursions to surrounding landmarks like the State Stud in Celle and the Horse Museum in Verden. The participants will visit local breeders and learn about the Hanoverian breed itself as well as the care and work the successful breeders provide during the upbringing of their horses. Theory lessons about training, feeding and veterinary topics, all provided by well-known experts in the field like Dr.Christa Finkler-Schade, Dr. Frank Reimann, Maren Schlender and others will complete the experience. Four participants have passed the selection process and will take the trip to Verden this year.

Rider-Exchange Participants 2016:


Dressage: Rosie Simoes, USA
Rosie Julian-Simoes is a 20 year-old assistant trainer to her mother Julie Julian in the Chicago land area. Riding since a young age, she is a bronze and silver medalist and working towards her gold this summer. A three time North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) participant, Rosie is also long time member of Lendon Gray's Emerging Dressage Athlete program, a member of the USDF Youth Programs Advisory Subcommittee, and in 2015 was chosen to travel to and observe the European Dressage Championships with the Dressage Foundation.


Dressage: Caitlin Kincaid, USA
Caitlin Kincaid currently works as an apprentice rider for Team Tate Dressage located in both Landrum, SC and Wellington, FL. A life-long horse enthusiast, Caitlin began riding as a hunter/jumper in her home state of Rhode Island. It was at the University of Vermont where she made the switch to Dressage. She has been fortunate enough to train with some of the best in the industry; Jessica Jo Tate, Anne Gibbons, Courtney King-Dye, Charles De Kunffy, Frank Grelo, Scott Hassler, and Jan Ebeling to name a few. Caitlin's primary focus is to continue her education and training in the hopes to one day represent the United States in international competition.


Show-Jumping: Maren Reinbold, Canada


Maren has been riding since she was 4 years old and has shown in dressage, hunters and jumpers, competing in the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. She has competed up to the FEI 1.50m level. Currently Maren aims to complete a diploma in Equine Science through the University of Guelph as she is now focusing on breeding, training, and selling Hanoverians in Calgary, AB, Canada. Therefore she is looking forward to learning all the aspects of breeding and developing Hanoverians through the Rider-Exchange Program. The picture shows her with Caldera 22 (by Contendro/Calido) in the 1.40m at Spruce Meadows.

Hunter-Jumper: Jessica Nemzoff, USA


Beginning her riding career at the age of six, Jessica has competed on the USA “AA” Hunter/Jumper circuit earning top ribbons at competitions such as The Winter Equestrian Festival (FL, USA), The Devon Horse Show (PA,USA), and Lake Placid Horse Shows (NY, USA). While earning a Business Degree at the University of Miami (UM) Jessica rode hunters and jumpers for Rivers Edge - Scott Stewart & Ken Berkley, and galloped racehorses for Vintage Farm - Michael Matz, trainer of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, before going to Europe to pursue a graduate level Business Degree as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Oxford (Oxford, UK) from which she graduated last fall.

The Hannoveraner Verband is looking forward to welcome these talented young professionals and become a major milestone for the development of their careers.