The Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International’s Annual Stallion Service Auction is Open for Bidding with 70 Stallions to Choose From!

Friday, March 4, 2016
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Pikko Del Cerro, Hanoverian, Pik L, Rohdiamant, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 50 - Pikko Del Cerro - 1993 hand Bay Hanoverian Stallion (Pik L x Rohdiamant x Grundstein II) standing at Hilltop Farm

Don’t miss the last big Stallion Service Auction of the season with over 70 stallions to choose from! The Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International’s annual Stallion Service Auction is open for bidding now through Sunday, March 6th. This auction has unequaled quality and variety of stallions, with starting bids for Warmbloods at $500 and Ponies at $250. We have an interesting mix of trendy young stallions and well-proven stars - 75 stallions in all. The auction is user friendly and easy to navigate, with full pedigrees, photos and videos, along with links to the stallions’ websites.

The RPSI is proud to showcase American-bred show-stoppers Pikko del Cerro HU (Pik L x Rohdiamant - Horses Unlimited, standing at Hilltop Farm), one of the most successful US-bred dressage horses to-date, and WakeUp (Wagnis x Supermax Macho - Wally Woo Farm) who won the 2015 US Developing Horse Grand Prix Championship, and represented the USA in Verden, Germany.

Imothep, Belgian Warmblood Elite, KWPN Crown Erkend Stallion, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 35 - Imothep - 2003 16.3 H Belgian Warmblood Elite & KWPN Crown Erkend Stallion (Indoctro x Calvados x Dominard)

The 2016 auction offers stallions new to North America, such as Avalon Equine’s Toronto (Now or Never x Belisar), Dreamscape Farm’s Chacco’s Rubin (Chacco-Blue x Quidam’s Rubin), and Fox Fire Farm’s Conway II (Caretino x Lord), along with proven favorites like International GP jumper Imothep by Indoctro, and FEI competitors Lagoheidor (Landadel x Godehard), and Iron Springs Farm’s Florianus II by Florestan. Sires of the winning 2015 Stallion Service Futurity foals include Horses Unlimited’s Galante HU by Galant du Serein, and GRP producing Welsh B Smoke Tree Snapdragon from Solomon Farm.

Tatendrang, Trakehner, Onassis, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 60 - Tatendrang - 2006 Dark Bay Trakehner Stallion (Onassis x Avignon II x Ricardo)

Two new Trakehner stallions open options to top performance - Tatendrang (Onassis x Avignon II), FEI CCI** level eventing stallion, and International GP Dressage Lord Luciano (Enrico Caruso x Unkenruf). Also new is Connaisseur (Con Amore x Donnerhall), a PAVO cup alumni and 4th highest producing stallion at the Swedish National Stud in 2010, as well as the talented, black Supremat OLD (Sandro Hit x Rubinstein), who earned an impressive 133 points in dressage at his 70-Day Stallion Test in Germany. Back in the books for 2016 are Rosario son Rosall, Avalon Equine’s Allerbester by Alabester, and successful eventing son of Corofino standing at Hyperion Farm, Cicera’s Icewater.

Chacco's Rubin DSF, Oldenburg, Chacco Blue, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 28 - Chacco's Rubin DSF - 2011 Liver Chestnut Oldenburg Stallion (Chacco Blue x Quidam's Rubin x Continue)

2016 brings a top selection of H/J and Event stallions. The dreamy Dreamscape lineup includes Lestat (Lordanos x Concetto), Banderas ( Balou du Rouet x Grannus), Checkmate, Farscape DSF, Sir Liebling DSF and the young Diarado son Delta Force. Wild Turkey Farm pulls out the stops with their all-star cast: Coruscant (Connor x Cristo), LioCalyon, Ace, LaMarque, Crown Affair, Limoncello II, Salito (Stakkato x Calido), and Lillix WT. Marabet Farm brings top hunter sire Apiro (Argentinus x Pilot), Balt’Amour JSF, and reserve champion of his stallion test, Bliss MF.

For the first time, Maplewood Stables is offering their flagship GP stallions Osilvis (Silvio I) and Cartouche Z (Carthago Z). Also represented are GP jumper Vaust S (Faust Z) from B.C. Canada, Crossroads Farm’s Coronet d’Honneur by Comme il Faut, China Blue Farm’s Ragtime, New Blessings Farm’s Alla’Czar son Legaczy, and Hilltop Farm’s hunter derby champion Vallado (Praise) round out this unbelievable collection.

WakeUp,  American Warmblood Registry, Wagnis, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 75 - WakeUp - 2005 Black American Warmblood Registry Stallion (Wagnis x Maiden Montreal (Macho/Ramadour))

The RPSI Frozen Semen bank has on offer several delectable stallions, including dressage-wowing son of Competent – Christ, and the Diamond Hit son Daily Deal. Also in the offering are hard-to-find classic jumper lines - record breaking French GP jumper Cabdula du Tillard (Abdullah x Galoubet), and powerhouse performer Fetiche du Pas (Le Tot de Semilly x Alme). Frozen Semen is also available from Hilltop Farm for the classic and beloved producer Contucci, by Caprimond.

For big movement and talent in a smaller package, check out German Riding Pony Budeschampion Cosmopolitan from Superior Equine Sires. North American based GRP stallions impress, including Tenacious Acres’ 3rd Level champion Beaujolais, Dreamscape Farm’s proven Bodyguard by Black Boy, Avalon Equine’s accomplished Belafonte d’Avalon by Hilkins Black Delight, Xanadu Dressage’s Highlife’s Bulgari Boy and Hilkens Go for Gold, the golden buckskin SF Spirit.

Cocktailzauber, Buckskin German Riding Pony Stallion, Top Carlos Cassini, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 16 - Cocktailzauber - 2011 Buckskin German Riding Pony Stallion (Top Carlos Cassini x Cocky Man - Night Star I)

Don’t overlook the new boys on the block – Welsh B royalty Evans Providence of the Night and Longacres Showtime, and Welsh A Janas Kernel of Independence. Rounding out the pony offerings is a dose of Cocktailzauber, champion of the Hanoverian Pony licensing in 2013!

This year the RPSI is showcasing several young North American bred stallions, such as 2015 N.A. Stallion Test 3rd place finisher Montaro OHF by Mezcalero, and another interesting stallion who recently completed his Stallion Test - Hickory Manor’s Bandelero JSF by Banderas. Two very special full Arabian stallions are also on offer - black FEI dressage stallion Tuxedo Thyme ox, and 2015 N.A. Stallion Test 5th place finisher FCF Oberons Vanity.

Toronto, KWPN, Now or Never M, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 61 - Toronto - 2000 Bay KWPN Stallion (Now or Never M x Belisar x Solaris xx)

If your mare is looking for a little color in her love life, or the adventure of entering another chapter of our studbook, Knabstrupper Stallion Colorado Skrødstrup, cremello TB Goldmaker xx from Avalon Equine, Golden Edge Sporthorses Mitril or the proven producer Halflinger Stellar TVR are the way to go!

Solid pedigrees, performance and production combine in top US-based stallions Novalis, by double Olympic Gold sire Jus de Pomme; the royally bred Nassau by Roemer, Eclipsed by Color by Escudo I, Canterbury HPF by Canturo, and the H/J stylist Lotus T by Lemgo.

The auction once again features a foal futurity, with cash prizes and awards for top-scoring foals from Stallion Service Auction breedings presented to the RPSI for registration, as well as recognition for their sires. Galante HU sired the 2015 RPSI SSA Futurity winner Galante’s Romeo MH, out of VPrSt. Riga by Coman, breeder Michael Murphy.  Pony Futurity winner was Deborah Scripture, Edenhof, with her GRP filly Silke of Edenhof by Welsh B stallion Smoke Tree Snapdragon, standing at Solomon Farm.

Apiro, Bavarian WB, Sabino, Argentinus, RPSI, Stallion Service Auction, 2016

Lot # : 4 - Apiro - 2000 Bavarian WB Bay Sabino Stallion (Argentinus x Pyrah - Pilot)

The RPSI accepts warmblood mares and stallions from recognized WB registries, TB’s, Arabians, and Anglo-Arabs for our Deutsches Sportpferd books. Also books for German Riding Ponies, Kleines Deutsches Reitpferd (Small German Riding Horses), Knabstruppers, and Halflingers. Contact the RPSI for more information on eligibility. www.rhpsi.com

Participating Stallions include:
Ace, Allerbester, Apiro, Balt’Amour, Bandelero JSF, Beaujolais, Belafonte d'Avalon, Bliss MF, Bodyguard, Cabdula du Tillard, Canterbury HPF, Cartouche Z, Christ, Cicera’s Icewater, Cocktailzauber, Colorado Skodstrup, Connaisseur, Contucci, Conway II, Coronet d’Honneur, Coruscant, Cosmopolitan, Crown Affair, Daily Deal, Delta Force*, Dreamscape Farm choice of Banderas/Checkmate, Dreamscape Farm choice of Chacco’s Rubin/Lestat, Eclipsed by Color, Evans Providence of the Night, Exxon, Farscape DSF, FCF Oberons Vanity, Fetiche du Pas, Florianus, Galante HU, Goldmaker xx, Highlife's Bulgari Boy, Hilkens Go For Gold, Janas Kernel of Independence, Imothep, Lagoheidor, LaMarque, Landsong, Lassico, Legaczy, Lillix WT*, Limoncello II, LioCalyon, Longacre Showtime*, Lord Luciano, Lotus T, Mannhattan, Mitril, Montaro OHF, Nassau, Novalis, Osilvis, Pikko del Cerro, Ragtime, Rosall, Royal Tourmalet, Sagnol, Salito, Sir Liebling DSF*, Smoke Tree Snapdragon, SF Spirit*, Stellar TVR, Supremat OLD, Tatendrang, Toronto, Tuxedo Thyme ox, Vallado (Praise), Vaust S, WakeUp.