Results of the Prix St George Bayer/USET Festival of Champions, presented by State Line Tack

Friday, June 15, 2001
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Gladstone, NJ—June 15, 2001— The featured class at today's USET Dressage Festival of Champions was the Prix St George, the first part of the Intermediaire Championships.

Dominating a strong class of talent were Leslie Morse and the powerful Dutch Warmblood Stallion Kingston (x Voltaire). Undefeated in his competitive year in California, he continues his reign as one of the country's top horses.

Owned by Paragon Farms, Morse and her partners have developed a solid training stable, which offers top quality horses with a strong training foundation.

E: Ransehousen
H: Zang
C: Eisenhardt
M: McDonald
B: McPhail

Leslie Morse of Malibu, CA
Horse: Kingston (KWPN Stallion by Voltaire out of Gesinette/Burggraaf)
Owner:Paragon Farms
E:3/274 H:1/283 C:1/288 M:1/290 B:1/288 Total:1423 % 71.150

[#29015 override="Arlene Page of Wellington, FL" title="Arlene Page of Wellington, FL"]
Horse: Claire (KWPN by Cassini out of Umaica by Appleking xx)
Owner: Arlene Page
E:4/270 H:5/268 C:T6/266 M:2/285 B:2/279 Total:1368 % 68.400

Guenter Seidel of Del Mar, CA
Horse: Aragon (Bavarian Gelding by Sabina La)
Owner: Dick & Jane Brown
E:T1/275 H:4/270 C:T9/260 M:T3/274 B:5/275 Total:1354 % 67.700

[#29015 override="Betsy Steiner of Charlottesville, VA" title="Betsy Steiner of Charlottesville, VA"]
Horse: Hilltop’s Giotto (KWPN by Joost out of Wanda by Mykel)
Owner: Giotto Partnership
E:T1/275 H:3/273 C:T6/266 M:10/260 B:6/273 Total:1347 % 67.350

[#29316 override="Leslie Webb of Milford, OH" title="Leslie Webb of Milford, OH"]
Horse: Cassiano
Owner: Leslie Malone
E:T5/266 H:T8/262 C:2/282 M:T3/274 B:12/259 Total:1343 % 67.150

[#28989 override="Tina Konyot of Thornwood, FL" title="Tina Konyot of Thornwood, FL"]
Horse: West Side Lady (Hannoverian mare, by Westberry x Lombard),
Owner:Tim & Susan Dutta
E:8/260 H:2/278 C:12/256 M:5/272 B:4/277 Total:1343 % 67.150

Karen Lipp of Alpharetta, GA
[#29006 override="Horse: Douwe (KWPN by Damino out of Eronette)" title="Horse: Douwe (KWPN by Damino out of Eronette)"]
Owner: Laurie Bell
E:7/262 H:T6/264 C:3/272 M:T6/267 B:3/278 Total:1343 % 67.150

Tracy Roenick of Paradise Valley, AZ
Horse: Kashmir
Owner: Tracy Roenick
E:12/250 H:T8/262 C:T4/268 M:T6/267 B:7/271 Total:1318 % 65.900

Yvonne Barteau of Gilbert, IL
Chimon (SWB by Amiral out of Chiribin by Cecil)
Owner: Scott Zahner, MD.
Elite European Sport Horses
E:T5/266 H:12/248 C:T4/268 M:T6/267 B:8/267 Total:1316 % 65.800

Steinberg Jeremy
Horse: Hallmark
Owner: Steinberg Jeremy
E:10/254 H:T6/264 C:8/261 M:T6/267 B:11/265 Total:1311 % 65.550

[#29018 override="Susanne Dansby-Phelps" title="Susanne Dansby-Phelps"]
Horse: Goubergh's Kasper
Owner: Susanne Dansby-Phelps
E:11/253 H:11/257 C:11/258 M:11/253 B:T9/266 Total:1287 % 64.350

[#29078 override="Louise Labrucherie of Santa Rosa, CA" title="Louise Labrucherie of Santa Rosa, CA"]
Horse: Picone (Hannoverian by Prince Orac out of Wodena)
Owner: Louise Labrucherie
E:9/255 H:10/258 C:T9/260 M:12/247 B:T9/266 Total:1286 % 64.300

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