Results Are In For the On Line Driving Survey for US Equestrian

Saturday, June 1, 2019
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An on line survey was recently posted of the USA Driving Facebook Page, and over 175 drivers (both members and non-members) participated providing a sampling of questions regarding driving competitions and the US Equestrian programs.

The Driving Sport Committee reviewed the feedback which will assist in making informed decisions about US Equestrian programs moving forward.

The general impression concerning driving competitions is that there is a need for increased availability, which US Equestrian aims to support by offering grants to CDE competitions that license any division with the USEF. It is understood that supporting competitions is paramount, as it essentially supports drivers.

The feedback on the US Equestrian programs included resounding requests for coaching and training opportunities, which have been and will continue to be a main focus of the Developing and Elite Athlete Programs. 

It is recommended to pay attention this the USA Driving Facebook Page for all US Drivers interested in learning about the growth of the sport and the efforts of those involved. Important news is updated as toy Developing Driver Clinic dates, announcements and news. Also pay close attention to the Driving section on the US Equestrian website where critical information is managed.