Reining Horse Sports Foundation Created - Bill & Diana Bradley Become First Donors

Wednesday, February 13, 2002
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - The Reining Horse Sports Foundation, a non-profit supporting organization of the National Reining Horse Association, made its debut during the 2001 NRHA Futurity.

The Foundation's first Founding Donor position was auctioned during the NRHA Futurity Prospect Sale on December 1. NRHA Executive Board member and Foundation Vice President Bill Bradley and his wife, Diana, became the first foundation donors, with a $25,000 commitment. The Bradleys, of Catlettsburg, Kentucky, were honored during opening ceremonies of the Futurity Finals.

The Reining Horse Sports Foundation, a 501-C-3 tax-exempt corporation, was created to provide a charitable entity for the reining world. Current Foundation programs include the Youth Program, the Intercollegiate Judging Contest, the NRHA Hall of Fame, as well as future international expansion, education and research.

Reining Horse Sports Foundation President Frank Costantini outlined the functions of the Foundation to the audience at the Gathering of Legends reception during the Futurity.
"The newest National Reining Horse Association entity has been in the planning for years and we're pleased to announce the creation of the Reining Horse Sports Foundation. This is so important because, for the first time, we -- in the reining industry-- have the opportunity and the vehicle to create a new tradition - one of giving back to the sport we love," said Costantini.

"In the past, we added to history through the horses we raised and rode and through performance in the arena. Now, there's a different kind of performance for those in the NRHA. Through the Foundation, we can leave a lasting legacy."

Joining Costantini on the Foundation Board are Bill Bradley, Vice President; Jon Rath, Treasurer; and David Tanner, Secretary.

Memorial bricks that will be displayed at the National Reining Horse Association office are currently being sold to benefit the foundation. Bricks can honor a deceased loved one or animal, commemorate a special event or recognize an outstanding individual. A 4" X 8" brick is $500 and an 8" X 8" brick is $1,000.