The Reining Championship At The USET Festival of Champions

Thursday, June 14, 2012
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Gunner Was A Real Find
Gunner Was A Real Find
Gunner, who has been taken out of retirement three times by his owners, Kim and Debra Sloan, because it was clear he wasn't ready to stop, "loves to ride and loves to show," explained Kim. "He gives 100% every time you ask him."

The real name of this Paint Horse who is by the sire is Colonelfourfreckles, is Colonels Smokingun. He was bred in Tennessee and was purchased by Kim when he saw the horse go quietly in a Futurity. Then a few years ago the Sloans were looking for a trainer when Pace was looking for horses to train. The chance meeting has been a great find for both of them.

While Pace talks as if he had tough competition on the one hand, on the other it's clear he thinks the world of his mount. "He is capable of every movement at one and one-half (which in the Reining world is the best you can do).

For his victory ride Pace's Dad Bryant G. and stepmom Jane were there for the moment. He recalls his dad asking if he ever thought he'd be this successful. Pace responded, "yes, just didn't think it would take this long.