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Wednesday, June 10, 2015
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Create a Great Halt - June 18th-If you were in on the “Building a Half-Halt” and “Transitions” classes, this is a great followup class! It’s easy to overlook the importance of the humble halt, but if you understand how much this move effects the rest of your work, you’ll really appreciate this class. We’ll go into to detail about how to get your horse into (and out of) a great halt. Yup, there will be lesson plans too! Register Here


Dressage Strategies - July 16th-Sometimes dressage goes well, and sometime it just goes, right? It’s one thing to try to do well in dressage, but it’s another thing to plan to do well. Understanding a few things about dressage, and how your horse goes can make it possible to set goals and make them happen. This class is going to help you make that plan and put it to good use! Register Here


Cones Driving Strategies - Aug 13th-Ok, after all that serious driving, it’s time to let your hair down just a little and focus on something that’s a little easier and more fun to wrap your head around. Driving cones is a lot of fun for people and ponies alike! Bowling is fun for some as well. Putting the two things together make for great laughs, but really, it’s even better when you leave the balls on top of the cones. There are ways to make cones courses slide on by with ease. I’ll share some great tips, and fun exercises you can build at home Register Here

Even if you can't attend the live sessions, you'll still get the recording of the class and all the materials that go with to view at any time it's convenient for you. For more information visit: www.coachmansdelight.com