Regional RGAC vs Rural RAC: What is the Difference?

Saturday, February 5, 2022
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February 5, 2022 - Ocala, Florida

What’s the difference between a Regional Activity Center (RGAC) and a Rural Activity Center (RAC)?

The main difference is the type and scope of the development allowed in each RAC. For the regional RGACs, the emphasis is on high-density uses such as hotels and industrial uses to serve a regional area. Whereas, for the rural RAC, it’s just a "node" in the rural area for everyday stuff like groceries, feed stores, restaurants, and small commercial stores.

There are two regional RGACs in Marion County:

  • 1) Marion Oaks/McGinley on 1,290 acres, which is surrounded by the Marion Oaks Subdivision on the south side of Hwy 484, and
  • 2) Irvine/Sunny Oaks on 453 acres, which is located on the southeastern corner of the intersection at I-75 and CR 318.

There are 10 rural RACs in Marion County. See the previous article with maps and descriptions about each RAC: hardware-to-dollar-general-rural-activity-centers-in-the-fpa/

According to the Marion County Comprehensive Plan, Objective 10.3: the Regional Activity Center (RGAC) Overlay is to “allow for compact, high intensity, high density multi-use development which may include a mix of the following uses: retail, office, housing, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities, hospitality facilities (hotels and motels), and industrial uses that serve a regional area.”

The Sunny Oaks PUD is a Regional Activity Center on 453 acres and there is a developer's agreement in place. The Regional Activity Center is designated in the comprehensive plan as the Irvine/Sunny Oaks Regional Activity Center and it allows for residential, industrial, and commercial uses.

The Sunny Oaks PUD is labeled as Map 14b1 in the County's comprehensive plan:

While the property is designated in the comprehensive plan as a RGAC, the property must be rezoned from A-1 (General Agriculture) to PUD (Planned Unit Development). This item will be presented on February 7 at the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The zoning change is more of a formality rather than a land use change.

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