Record Breaking News European Championships - Rotterdam

Thursday, August 18, 2011
Posted by Claartje van Andel dressagedirect


The amazing standard British Charlotte Dujardin showed yesterday was repeated and even bettered today by her trainer Carl Hester and Uthopia (by Negro, grandfather Ferro). The second very well performing KWPN´bred horse for the British Uthopia really showed the audience and the judges an exciting uthopia. Th easyness, willingness and abilities Uthopia showed with his pure natural behaviour and looks in all exercises together with the very good riding of Hester brought the score on 82,568%. The last extended trot was rewarded with the optimum 10 by all seven judges.

This 25th European Championships will definitely show a team record score as the two best British Dujardin and Hester now have an average of 80%.

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