Ramping Up for Rotterdam CHIO

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Posted by Mary Phelps


Laura Graves and Verdades

Laura Graves and Verdades

Catching up with the US Dressage Team in Rotterdam was an adventure. As a seasoned press person I knew it would be a good idea to get my bearings early on at, for me, a new location and show I had never done before Rotterdam CHIO. Good thing, as we went in circles looking in vain for the official press parking, which was not clearly established on Wednesday. They weren't kidding when it was said parking was tight.

Horse shows are so glamorous

Since we were not yet booked into the show hotel, I reverted to  charming my way in, and it worked. We promised to just be parked for not more than and hour, and we were allowed into the rain soaked stable entrance where we learned the FEI Jog would be. Such are the advantages on getting in early before security really knows all the rules with everyone winging it on the first day before competition began.

Every square inch along the canal was reserved for over 100 huge trailers.

So with just moments to spare, we parked with temporary permission and made our way the the stabling and the Horse Inspection. Reunited with our US team members I took some shots. This week will decide the 2016 US Dressage Team for the Rio Olympic Games.

"We are getting ready for Zika," a longtime team physical therapist explained. The mosquitos are vicious and it was clearly in evidence with another team's horse covered with hives. "We are learning all about Deet, and are being careful with all the drug rules."

After all team members passed, we followed the shaded trail to the main arena where riders were given their allotted time to get a feel for the stadium. My cameras and myself too.

Enjoy the photos, thanks for giving us a warm welcome, see you tomorrow for the Grand Prix.

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