Rain or Shine: The Show at Dressage at Devon Goes On

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Don Alerich

Don Alerich - photo by Hoofprints

Devon, PA – The largest open breed show in the world is taking place at Dressage at Devon from September 25 – September 27. More than 20 breeds of horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes were in the ring competing for the best of their breed. They are judged on movement, conformation and general impression.

Many of the breeds were rare, even endangered, and all have a rich history.

For instance, said Adrienne Morella, whose horse took home the blue in the Shagya Arabian class. "The Shagya Arabian is a relatively rare breed, and brings the history of a Desert Arabian; great hardiness and toughness, endurance, ease of keeping and inborn friendliness and combines it with the requirements of the modern riding horse.”

For the first time, Dressage at Devon, also held classes just for ponies, who are classified into breeds just as their larger peers. “We were very pleased with the response to our new pony classes. Ponies were always allowed in the breed classes but this provided a new opportunity for pony breeders and owners,” said Melanie Sloyer, Chair of the Breed Division.

Classes included Pony Fillies of the current year, Pony Colts/Geldings of the current year, in addition to yearlings, two-year-olds, plus four-year-old classes. The Pony Foal Championship was won by Branley Ash Nautilus (Fs numero uno/Georgina), a Weser-ems a foal of the current year, owned by Samantha Kidd of Carthage, NC.

Foal Champion Bramley Ash Nautilus

Foal Champion Bramley Ash Nautilus

“The pony classes were fun addition to the show,” said Natalie DiBeradinis, General Manage and Breeding Manager for Hilltop Farm, Inc. (Colera, MD). “It was nice to have pony classes because it’s harder for the ponies to compete against the horses. We brought ponies that we wouldn’t normally bring. And we’re happy that they did so well.” #ponypower

September 26 classes will feature qualifiers for the United States Dressage Federation Breeders Championship East Coast Finals.