PVDA Ride for LifeTM

Monday, September 14, 2009

At the heart of the PVDA Ride for LifeTM Horses, throughout our history, have inspired us and been allies in battle and partners in progress. My hope for the Ride for Life is that horses can inspire and aid us in the fight against breast cancer. “Help us make the ring of hoof beats become the music of hope!" as said by our founder, Patricia Artimovich. The PVDA Ride for LifeTM is a licensed dressage show sponsored by The Potomac Valley Dressage Association (a 501c charitable organization) with a very unique purpose – to fund breast cancer research – and features one of the premier equestrian nights on the East Coast – the Saturday evening Jill Hassler-Scoop Memorial Dancing Horse Challenge, a lyrical blend of dance, music, lights and equestrian prowess woven into a touching and exciting theatrical performance.  Footage of the 2009 Dancing Horse Challenge is available on DressageClinic.com.  The 2010 equestrian and music “extravaganza” is currently under development – stay tuned!

For the first time in our area, Maryland honors its equestrian heritage through a spectacular celebration that joins artists, dancers and performers from different disciplines together to benefit our global community.   Throughout the ages, horses have partnered with man to explore new territories, conquer the unknown and usher in a new age. The Dancing Horse Challenge is a call to us to heal, to give and, most importantly, to celebrate life.

The history of man is written on the back of a horse. The unwritten book of our future still rides on this bond.

From rider donations raised as pledges, entry donations and tickets to the Dancing Horse Challenge and gala dinner, auctioned goods and services, merchandise sales and sponsorship donations, the Ride for LifeTM in its six years has raised more than $250,000 for the Quality of Life Research Fund of the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center, $85,000 and $80,000 of that total in only the last two years.

Words frequently are not enough to describe the emotion and drama behind this great event.  Here first hand are videos of breast cancer survivors impacted by the Ride for Life and those who support this great cause:


For EquiChord, a key sponsor of the Dancing Horse Challenge and the producer of IRide4L, and Barb Strawson, the committee chair of the Dancing Horse Challenge, it represents the perfect infusion of art and performance, wrapped in a philanthropic mantle of passion and tenacity.  The legacy of the horse has been inextricably intertwined with the rise of humanity since time immemorial.  The blending of equestrian and performance arts is a celebration of sport and talent; the goal to enlist them in the fight against breast cancer is a celebration of life.

Angelea Kelly-Walkup at HorseGirlTV featured the Ride for Life in 2009.

[#25725 override="Debbie McDonald was the Ride for Life’s celebrity guest in 2009" title="Debbie McDonald was the Ride for Life’s celebrity guest in 2009"].  She, and the many riders who participated or attended the Dancing Horse Challenge in recent years like Courtney King-Dye, [#27523 override="Dr. Cesar Parra" title="Dr. Cesar Parra"], Chris Hickey, Betsy Steiner, Belinda Nairn-Wertman, Jane Hannigan, Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel, Lauren Sprieser and others are already looking forward to 2010.  Debbie McDonald also on HorseGirlTV talks about giving back.

Ms. McDonald has been personally impacted by breast cancer in her family, which is why she chose to be a part of the Ride for LifeTM and graciously donated a clinic to be auctioned off in 2009.

Dover Saddlery is a repeat platinum sponsor of the Ride for LifeTM.

Nutrena, Rosenthal Land Rover, Patuxent Nursery, El Paso Corporation, Horsedaily.com, Dressageclinic.com, County Saddlery and many others are other additional instrumental sponsors that have supported the event.

The PVDA Ride for LifeTM is held each year at the Prince George’s Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD.  Be a part of the 2010 Ride for Life: June 27-28.  Watch www.horsedaily.com and www.dressagedaily.com for more personal stories and information on the wonderful 2010 gala performance featuring music, horses and entertainment.  For more information, e-mail info@pvdarideforlife.org or go to www.pvdarideforlife.org or watch the following videos.