Provisional Selection of Dutch Show jumping team for WEG

Thursday, January 1, 1998
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Jos Lansink again Champion of the Netherlands! 

Again Jos Lansink proved to be no match for his competitors in the Dutch Showjumping Championship in Hoofddorp. Leading with 6.46 points, he kept Jeroen Dubbeldam and Wout Jan van der Schans at a distance. Jos, this year jumping the approved stallion Nissan High Valley Z, has won the national title 8 times since 1990; he did not start in the 'missing' year 1996.

Final results:

 1. Jos Lansink                      Nissan High Valley Z      3.52

 2. Jeroen Dubbeldam             V&L De Sjiem               9.98

 3. Wout Jan van der Schans   Impac Goldenbridge     10.12

 4. Piet Raymakers                 Jewel's Classic Touch  10.50

 5. Mathijs van Asten             Arnaldo                     11.66

 6. Peter Geerink                    LBH Heartbreaker       11.73

 7. Eric van der Vleuten           Vink Diesjasper T       16.80

 8. Ben Schröder                    Bollvorm's Lux            17.71

 9. Rob Ehrens                       Celano                     18.89

10. Leon Thijssen                   Opstalan's Garavola    20.16After these Dutch

Championships national coach Hans Horn disclosed the names in the provisional selection of the Dutch team for the World Equestrian Games in Rome. Team captain is Jos Lansink (with Nissan Calvaro Z or Nissan Carthago Z) and other candidates are: Jeroen Dubbeldam (V&L De Sjiem), Peter Geerink (LBH Heartbreaker), Emile Hendrix (RBG Finesse), Piet Raymakers (Jewel's Classic Touch), Wout Jan van der Schans (Impac Leroy Brown), Jan Tops (Operette La Silla) and Eric van der Vleuten (Vink Flower).