Professional's Next Seminar - Horse Show Success 2011 - Making the Motivation Connection

Friday, January 21, 2011
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Its time to gear up for the New Year! This seminar will focus on how to implement sports psychology strategies to have a super successful training and horse show season in 2011. Professional riders and trainers face unique challenges when it comes to preparing themselves and their riders for competition. For most horse professionals, competition success goes hand in hand with business success. The better you and your clients perform - the better your business performs.

EVENT: Horse Show Success 2011 - Making the Motivation Connection
SPEAKER: Tonya Johnston
DATE: Jan 24 2011
TIME: 5:00 pacific 7:00 central 8:00 eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast - Attend via your phone or computer

While some horse professionals seem to manage these pressures effortlessly, for most, a deeper understanding of sports psychology is very helpful. From dealing with nerves and focus, to motivating students and handling difficult parents or owners - creating a successful show team takes tremendous people skills.

Speaker, Tonya Johnston, MA is an equestrian sports psychology expert who is exceptionally good at helping horse professionals prepare their riders (and themselves) for competition success.
This seminar will help you -

• Create Excitement!
Find out how to structure practice sessions so that your riders will be excited about competing and will be highly driven to get to the next show!
• Prepare Your Team!
Remove success "blockers!" Get key relaxation and visualization strategies to improve performance both at home an in the show ring.
• Increase Commitment!
Discover how to tap into core motivation and keep your riders (and yourself) fully committed and on track to achieve goals.
• Build Confidence!
Learn how to create "positive pressure" so that you - actively build the high levels of confidence necessary for a successful riding career


Register today! Lets make 2011 the best show season yet!