Problem Horses and the Jules Solution

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Teamworkdressage owns three horses that were pretty much unrideable when Jules first met them.  Jules hoped that with time, patience and good training that these horses would become happy athlete's. This is how Narobi, Brendan Braveheart and Apollo became part of her team:

"Narobi failed as a driving horse when he dragged Jim Richard’s team of four back to the barn.  At eight years of age he was ‘feral’, barely backed and very fearful of people.  He was seriously dangerous and it took years to earn his trust. Despite himself and with lots of love Narobi has become a sensitive and expressive Grand Prix horse.  His best test to date was outdoors where he is less worried, he scored a 68% under “O” judge Gary Rockwell in Florida to win that class.  He is impossibly cute."

"Brendan Braveheart sired by Brentano 11, had shut down with his previous trainer and at seven years of age, he had not yet cantered under saddle on the right lead. In the first year with me he was nick-named by my clients, ‘Bad, Bucking Brendan’ and it was with good reason. I love Brendon who is now an impressive Grand Prix horse who has already scored over 70% but even now my saddle is equipped with a bucking strap."

"Apollo is also a failed driving horse that I agreed to take on. Two years ago he could not canter under saddle, had no steering or brakes and I knew he didn’t stand a chance unless agreed to take him.  He is such an ambitious and noble horse that I think in time, Apollo too, may show Grand Prix."

Jules additionally owns two rescue beagle/basset dogs, a rescue Maine Coon cat and has found loving homes for her other rescue animals. It is fair to say, Jules is a serious animal lover and if she can help an animal in need, she will.

Jules has a long and successful history of turning aorund problem horses.  To learn more about Jules's history visit

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