Preview - 2010 Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Lexington Combined Driving Classic

International Testing Ground Establishes Annual Driving Event, as Alltech Announces the Annual Alltech Legacy Games to Follow the World Championships

The event was managed by Susan Gilliland who will be at the helm as the organizer for the Driving division of the 2010 Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games. There was also an international roster of officials including Klaus Christ (president of the jury) of Germany, Diana Brownlie (judge) of Great Britain, Martha Nicoll (judge) of the U.S., Philip Bateman (TD) of Great Britain, and Richard Nicoll (course designer) of the U.S. Leslie Hernandez was in charge of organizing the event's many experienced volunteers.

There were four advanced teams, all with international experience. Jimmy Fairclough from Newtown, NJ, who competes for USET president Jane Forbes Clark, was ready to start looking for property in the Lexington area. “This is where the action is going to be for years to come.” Fairclough said.

“With many of our National Federation offices right here on the grounds, and the facilities being build in preparation of the Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games, many of our national competitions are bound to be taking place here in the future. And it is so beautiful here!” In fact, Alltech president Dr. Pearse Lyons announced the week following the event, plans for the Alltech Legacy Games, which will be an annual event utilizing the stadium and improvements the 2010 Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games.The CHIO Aachen, Germany where the 2006 World Equestrian Games were held holds an annual World Equestrian Festival, so the concept of an annual games in the USA creates a vision for the future of equestrian sport. Imagine the possibility of pulling together all of our National Championships into one venue, at one time!

Fairclough's smooth and fast navigation of the cones on Sunday made the course look deceptively easy as both Tucker Johnson of Hobe Sound, Florida, and David Saunders from Southern Pines, failed to top his score. But it was Chester Weber, from Ocala, Florida who took the winning title of the 2007 Lexington Combined Driving Classic. “It was a spectacular event for the first time, and I want to thank the organizer Susan Gilliland, as well as everyone who participated and contributed to making this event a success.” Weber said.

Porsche of Lexington one of 21 sponsors adorned the cones arena with 3 Porsche models, as well as sponsoring the “Porsche Puzzle” on the Marathon course, and general manager Muhammad Saifullah was on hand to present the awards on Sunday to the winners.

The following drivers won their respective classes at the 2007 Lexington Combined Driving Classic

Be sure to join us next year for the second annual Lexington Combined Driving Classic, October 2–5, 2008, at the Kentucky Horse Park.