Preliminary Prize List Now Available for Dressage at Devon 2019

Friday, July 19, 2019
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Dressage at Devon has announced that the 2019 preliminary prize list is now available at Here. Opening date is July 15, 2019. Closing date for inclusion in the program is August 30, 2019 and the final closing date is September 12, 2019

Dressage at Devon Grand Championships will be held on Wednesday September 25, 2019. Pony measurement for the breeding division will be Monday, September 23, 2019 at 4pm. And if you have sale horses, don’t forget to get your green dot!

“This year’s breed show schedule will not only benefit our competitors, it will allow equestrians in all disciplines, as well as performance competitors, to view future champions in the Dixon Oval,” said Melanie Sloyer, Chair of the Breed Division at Dressage at Devon. A green dot on the bridle number signifies the horse is for sale!

The 2019 Dressage at Devon will take place September 24-September 29 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon, PA. For reserved seating, visit

About Dressage at Devon
Dressage at Devon has been a premier North American Equestrian event since its founding in 1975. It combines worldclass dressage competition and the world’s largest open breed show with the international Fall Festival show and special activities for the entire family. The six-day event attracts hundreds of riders from around the world and thousands of spectators. Dressage at Devon is a 501(c) (3) PA non-profit organization, benefitting equine education.