Prayer for Brentina's Recovery Needed

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update: 02-11-11:14 EST
E-mail from Debbie:
She is fighting to pull through this and we should know more in a couple of days. On a good note she was happy to see Ruben and me. She nuzzled both of us and was looking for a hand out from Ruben. The prayers and response has been overwhelming. I can't Thank everyone enough, for taking the time to say a little prayer not to mention the emails, text messages and phone calls. I will give you another update tomorrow night.
We just heard from Debbie McDonald and are sending a plea for our readers' thoughts and prayers: "I am writing this letter in hopes that many of you will say a prayer for my Mama Brentina. She went in for colic surgery today and is up and standing on her own. As you all know she is not out of the woods for a few days. I know that she has so many people out there that love her I am just hoping that even half of you could say a little something for her.  I am not over losing my brother last year, and she is like my child. Thank you all for taking the time to read this." Debbie McDonald