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Friday, December 11, 2009

Riding With Soul CDs – The Solution!

Riding With Soul™ CDs contain multiple selections of walk, trot, and canter music. “With five different genres available, you can find a style of music to fit you and your horse,” Ruth Hogan Poulsen points out.  “Whether you have a hot and nervous horse, or a lazy and uninterested horse, there is a CD for you.”

Seven CDs are available depending on what type of music the rider likes or what type of horse the rider has. The Riding With Soul collection includes: Upbeat Symphony, Contemporary Orchestral, Jazz and Big Band, Classical, and Latin. Each CD is 20-30 minutes long with a selection of walk, trot, and canter music. Throughout the CDs, Ruth personally guides riders with instruction to help them find the downbeat and tempo of each song and maintain rhythm.

Riding With Soul CDs Are the Solution When:

  • You can’t maintain a rhythm.
  • You and your horse are nervous and need help relaxing.
  • You’re tired of getting “4”s for loss of rhythm on your dressage tests.
  • You’re frustrated because there’s no harmony during your ride.
  • You don’t know what the right tempo is for your horse.
  • You don’t know the difference between rhythm and tempo.
  • You don’t know what type of music to choose.
  • You can’t hear the difference between walk, trot, and canter music.
  • You can’t identify the tempo (or BPM – Beats Per Minute) of music.
  • You don’t know how to edit music.
  • You’re tired of spending so much money on music CDs that only have one good song for riding.

Not only will riding to the CDs solve problems, but it will also teach riders valuable lessons for creating their own freestyles. Ruth notes, “You’ll also learn about musical phrasing, footfall patterns, use of music for transitions and much more!”