Pony Driving World Champion Bram Chardon Coming To The Gayla Equestrian Center For His First Clinic in America

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Posted by Mary Phelps

Photo: © Mary Phelps
Photo: © Mary Phelps

Kentucky is the place to be in October for the sport of Combined Driving as well as other related driving activities, and now there is one more event added to the roster. Two time Pony Driving World Champion, Bram Chardon (NED) will be coming to The Gayla Driving Center, October 9, 10, and 11, for a mega clinic and symposium covering all three elements of the sport, Dressage, Marathon, and Cones. Individual sessions with up to 10 participants, will provide auditors, trainers, and driving enthusiasts in attendance at the well equipped facility, with seating, sound and bleachers in both the indoor arena and by the marathon obstacles being used. This is unique educational opportunity to learn from Chardon's experience who among other achievements was a feature educator at Melbourne's Equitana 2014. The three-day-clinic is sure to provide an action packed event and learning opportunities for all in attendance.

A selection of up to 10 drivers will represent a range of drivers, horses, ponies, from beginners to advanced. The cost to participate for the three days is $500 including lunch each day. Auditors are $35 a day which includes lunch, $75 for all three days. Special consideration will be made in the program for auditors so they will benefit from the experience. There will be am opportunity to interact with Bram during the three days at Gayla.

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Photo: © Mary Phelps
Photo: © Mary Phelps

For the Chardon Family who own and operate a riding and driving school located in the outskirts of the recreation area of Delft, the Netherlands it is a family affair, all participating and being a key part of each others' successes. Four time world champion and 5 time Team Gold winner Ijsbrand Chardon, his wife Pauline run the school, with, Bram and his three sisters, Jeannette, Edith, and Lianne, all Dutch Champions in eventing as well as being a key part of the driving operation. Bram currently drives and trains horses and ponies, and has a driving and riding lesson program. In the Netherlands, all junior and young riders and drivers accelerate through the levels under the Dutch National program as accomplished horsemen.

Bright, affable and an instinctive horseman, Bram is a dedicated competitor, clinician, trainer and instructor. He is not only focussed in training individual drivers and their horses and ponies, but is deeply involved in the "Train the Trainer" program. He attended the Dutch Equestrian Centre in Deurne (Ned) where he completed the Master Class for all round Riding Instructor at Level 3, finishing successfully in 2013 as an educated Riding Instructor.

Photo: © Mary Phelps
Photo: © Mary Phelps

In 2014 he drove Baron Wolf von Bucholz's horse team, finishing 4th at International Driving show in Horst, Netherlands, a World Cup Qualifier. It is the young Chardon's plan to follow in the "hoofprints" of his father to become a world class driver with a four in hand horse team and compete for his country at The World Equestrian Games.

The Kentucky Classic Combined Driving Event will be held at The Kentucky Horse Park October 1-4, followed by The National Drive October 7-11. The Bram Charon Clinic at Gayla Driving Center, October 9-11. The following week near Louisville, Kentucky The Hermitage Classic Combined Driving Event October 16-18 featuring the USEF National Single Horse Driving Championships will round out the month attracting drivers, competitors, enthusiasts, trainers, vendors and those curious about the growing interest in America on the discipline.