Ponies – A New Niche

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jocelyn Wiese - Student/Rider/Trainer
Jocelyn’s favorite aspect of her business that she hopes to develop further, is the training and sale of dressage ponies. “I really enjoy the unique personality of ponies and I think that their smaller stature makes them great partners for both young riders and petite amateurs.” She notes that a prejudice still exists about showing ponies but insists there are ponies “every bit as high quality as the horses and can be a bit easier to learn to ride correctly, rather than on huge moving warmblood, they tend to be more rugged, plus they’re fun!”

During her stint at Hilltop Farm her feelings for ponies was definitely enhanced when working with the 2002 Westfalan stallion Popeye (X FS Pour L'Amour).

Wiese’s depth of knowledge paid off for one of her students Suzanne Rittler. “She taught me the breed was not as important as desire. You look for the horse you feel comfortable on first, you can teach him the rest.”

Jocelyn’s pursuit of her academic goals mirrors her devotion and discipline to her chosen sport of dressage. She is well-equipped and positioned to reach her full potential. “Horses have completely shaped my life and have provided me with incredible experiences at a very young age. I will continue to work hard to achieve my equestrian goals to one day represent the US.”

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