Piber Austria 2016 - Follow Our USA Driving Team for the World Single Horse Championships Live

Sunday, July 31, 2016
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FEI World Championships for Single Driving Horse 2016 - Piber, Austria

FEI World Championships for Single Driving Horse 2016 - Piber, Austria

Piber AUT - Live video feed for the FEI World Single Driving Championships. Watch the World's greatest drivers and single horse combinations do Dressage, marathon and cones. USA has a strong team headed to Piber Austria for the The World Single Horse Driving Championships. National Champion Suzy Stafford and her American bred Morgan mare, USEF 2015 Horse of the Year PFC Peace of Mind ("Hunny") are expected to post top scores. Sterling Graburn and Mannkato ("Kato"), and Leslie Berndl and Uminco (“Travis") are joined by Donna Crookeston and Viktor as an individual.

Set your alarm and follow the action on this page on HorsesDaily. Here is the schedule.

FEI Driven Dressage Test 3* BHP 1

Thursday and Friday, August 4 - 5 2016 (9:am 3:am est) and can be followed live on the internet via the FEI YouTube Channel. Single horses at the advanced levels negotiate a complex test which includes canter and leg yielding.

Thursday - Team USA
Donna Crookston 5:00AM EST
Suzy Stafford 9:40 AM EST
Leslie Berndl 10:30 EST
Sterling Graburn 6:00 AM EST

Start Times of Dressage

FEI Driven Dressage Test 3* BHP 1

Saturday August 6, 2016
The exciting and demanding marathon phase involves 8 obsacles or "Hazzards" with 6 gates (A-F) to negotiate a top speed.

Sunday August 7, 2016
Showing their stamina and prowess the final phase, cones requires negotiating 21 combinations of cones with balls on top, in a tight width at a demanding speed. Often there are only 1-2 double clear rounds (no ball and within the time) at the World Champion level.

The US Team has been in training in Dreieich, Germany with US Team coach Thorston Zarembowicz who has been building cones courses based on by World Champions course designer Ga'bor Fintha from Hungary. Suzy Stafford posted a video of her practice session on ther Tumblr page with this comment. "I do believe the podium finishers will come down to the last day…every second, every ball with be crucial. It’s crunch time folks…training hard."

Click here for starting times and results