Piaffe-Performance Adult Amateur Award Winner Chloe Gasiorowski: Picture Perfect

Saturday, March 22, 2014



Chloe Gasiorowski and Dr. Cesar Parra.
Chloe Gasiorowski and Dr. Cesar Parra.

Wellington, FL - “Whoo-hoo, I'm so excited! I wanted a nice new picture frame,” a smiling Chloe Gasiorowski told sponsor Dr. Cesar Parra as she accepted the Piaffe-Performance Adult Amateur Award for the Adequan Global Dressage Festival National Show during week 10 of the 12-week series at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL. The youthful Adult Amateur dressage rider and new mother came down to  Florida from her home in the Bronx of New York City (where she trains at Riverdale), to compete in her first-ever Fourth Level tests.{C} The trip proved worth it, thanks to Zimmerman, the 16-year-old Swedish (Zorn x  Holly Hawaii) warmblood gelding Gasiorowski first leased and then has owned since 2012. The pair won both their Fourth Level Test 1 (66.714%) and Fourth Level Test 2 (63.649%) classes
“I really trust him. He's a perfect fit for me. He can do the moves and has taken me a really long way in my career. Our dreams are as big as possible,” she told Parra, who presented her with the Piaffe-Performance Adult Amateur Award's tricolor rosette and silver picture frame. Coincidentally, Zimmerman originally came from Parra's Piaffe-Performance facility.
“My trainer, Mary Peterson, and I had spent a year looking for the perfect horse. He was originally a prospect for a 12 year-old rider,” said the financial consultant, who was complimented for not looking much older than a Young Rider herself. “Oh, thank you!  My son is actually nine months old now. I had to stop riding for seven months, so it's really really exciting to be back.
“We had a fantastic ride. The big thing with him is getting him in front of my leg. But I ride as often as I can, and would really love to go up to at least Intermediare- I with him.”
“Adult amateur riders like Chloe, who make time to ride around fulltime work and, in her case, fulltime mom, responsibilities are the foundation of our sport. How soon can we begin your son's lessons?” joked Parra, after commending the Adult Amateur Award winner and her horse. “I had no idea she was riding a former Piaffe-Performance horse!”
Throughout the 2014 Adequan Global Dressage Festival series, Piaffe Performance Adult Amateur Awards have been recognizing the exceptional success of riders in the adult amateur division through their performances or contributions to their sport through outstanding sportsmanship or horsemanship.
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