Perspectives of the World Games with Brian O'Connor

Monday, September 27, 2010
Posted by gbecom

Well first thing: USA = GOLD Reining!! These guys blew the field apart with excellent work....I did not know a lot about this terrific sport but after watching and listening to our expert commentary by Rick Weaver, I have a brand new understanding and appreciation of this great show! The riders look great, work very hard, and when the horses did a fine job, the over 4000 spectators went wild!! Go USA!! Shawn, the anchor rider , put up the best score of the two days and is certainly a favorite for the Individual gold, which starts on Tuesday, after a well earned rest on Monday.
DRESSAGE STARTS MONDAY!! Finally, I got my first eyes on experience of seeing Totilas...he is fabulous and, much smaller than I thought. Edward Gal, very tall and very long legs, makes this terrific stallion look much bigger (and longer!!) than he really is...nevertheless, he is fantastic, and wonderful....I SO look forward to seeing him go, along with the very tall and smooth Parzival. Of course, our own team was in fine form...Todd, in his first Worlds or Games for team USA, trotted up great, as did Katherine with Nartan,and then Tina with Calecto, in their typical fashion, trotted up strongly (with Tina talking to him the whole time.....Calecto,,,,Calecto....) and then the anchor and superstar, Ravel and Stephan showed the world why they are here.......all of them passed and now let the Games begin.

Three horses were held for reinspection and two passed (the one from Switzerland was very suspect to this reporter.....) and one will be reinspected Monday before the start. The US team got the LAST DRAW spot...I think that this will mean that, yes , Ravel will be the very last to go in the team competition.......the shoot out in KY begins tomorrow!!

Spirits are very high and we are ready to rumble....the many hundreds of dressage volunteers, stewards and officials, are prepped, ready and full of anticipation for a great competition.

If you are coming down , or are already here, and reading my thoughts and comments, come and get one of our headsets....Kathy Connelly is doing the dressage, and if you have heard her at our service at Dressage at Devon, you know she will inform, educate,and entertain you, during the GP Dressage........well, I have been up since 4am and am looking forward to some sleep, to get ready for my first full day of announcing...

From the WEG, I am Brian O'Connor,and you will hear more from me on this page tomorrow......


PS I saw David today...the Candadian 3day team is in fine form....I saw Mandiba and Max(groom) today and they look great....3 day starts on WED...SEE YA!!!