Peak Rock Farm

Friday, March 7, 2003

Small Dressage barn in Florida for the winter, in Massachussets on the ocean in the summer

from Mid April - Mid November
from Mid November - Mid April

Working Student Job Description
Working student with own horse preferred

  • Care of 5-8 horses, usually 6 or 7. Includes basic grooming, mane pulling, and clipping as necessary
  • Get horses ready to be ridden and take care of them after
  • Some lunging and riding
  • All barn and related horse work
  • Pack trailer for show and unpack upon return. Clean trailer after show
  • Show grooming, braiding etc. Stay with horses in trailer at show


  • Apartment
  • Board and training
  • One day and an afternoon off per week
  • You are free to take afternoon time off if we finish work early
  • You provide your own horse supplements, extra supplies, and living expenses
  • Possibility of lessons on other horses, depending on your riding abilities
  • Possibility of a small salary after trial period

Contact Kathy Von Ertfelda
Until mid April - Please be sure to use these contacts
Cell 508-878-2253 - Only contact until Mid-April

To Learn More About Kathy Von Ertfelda at her website

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