Patti the Teacher

Friday, June 19, 2009

Patti views herself as a proactive, positive teacher and enjoys her students.  When she was younger and riding with her aunt, the aunt told Patti that she might not be a good teacher, because she had the natural gift of feel and didn’t know what she was doing half the time, much less how to explain it.  “I don’t like to not be good at anything that I want to do.”  So she proved her wrong.  Although she rides some of her amateur’s horses, she really sees her role as a teacher who teaches the owners to ride their own horses.  She does get on them once a week or so but more as a check.

“I have a great group of amateurs that are moving up and doing really well,” she says.  “They’ve won regional championships, and one did her first CDI this year.  That’s really a highlight for me.”