Passengers For Hong Kong: Now Boarding

Sunday, February 8, 2015


To move the international show jumping elite to the other side of the world is no small matter. On Sunday, the 60 horses participating in the Longines Hong Kong Masters will be boarding in Liège, Belgium, in the Emirates Airline Boeing 777 for a 31 hours air journey, with a 1h30 stop in Dubaï.

These horses are accustomed to long journeys, either by truck or plane, but this one is particularly impressive. However, the champions, some of which possessing more “miles” than some business men, are entitled to really comfortable transport conditions, reducing their exposure to stress: “The horses are three per pallet and they actually stand in the same position as when travelling by truck, explains Roger-Yves Bost the European Champion. That way, they have the full ability to rest during the flight. They do not really suffer from jetlag because they still can sleep and recover once they arrive at the contest stables.” While most of these horses indeed are business class travelers, three per pallet, some will be only two per pallet, privilege of being first-class.

There will be 60 sport horses, among the best in the world - stars such as world champion and Olympic London - but also two doing the dressage demonstration, both show horses with Spanish Santi Serra and… two dogs, in Liège this Sunday. All will board on the late afternoon with seven grooms, a Flying Jockey (expert attendant) and a veterinarian for this long journey to the 2015 first step of the Masters Grand Slam Indoor.

The press is allowed to assist (film and photograph) the spectacular boarding and the take off of the charter to Hong Kong. Please contact Francine Vantorre (+32 50 626247)