Participating in the WEG 2014 from Afar – The Run-up to the WEG 2014 by Father Mack

Friday, August 22, 2014

Father Mack’s beloved wife and part-time equestrian photographer (Ruth Shaw McCormick) takes note of the question posed by this horse friend in the forecourt of the Musée Orsay Paris)
Father Mack’s beloved wife and part-time equestrian photographer (Ruth Shaw McCormick) takes note of the question posed by this horse friend in the forecourt of the Musée Orsay Paris)

Our first question will come from that eager young lady in the middle of the classroom – the one with her front hoof in the air. Yes, what is your question, sweetie? “I want to know what those of us who  are not so fortunate as the hard working horses and people who already have their hooves or their shoes planted in the green fields of France, how can WE participate in the games that begin on Saturday with the opening ceremony? What can we do from this far away?”

That is an excellent question. Yes, yes, those of us who are here to participate in person should certainly count our blessings. That does not mean that those of you on the other side of an ocean or in another country here on the eastern side of the Atlantic are cut off from fuller involvement in the fun. You have already taken the first step in a more complete role in these games by checking in with us at Dressage Daily. We will do our darnedest to keep you abreast of the games and the whole mileau. Here are two further ideas to help you get caught up in the wonder of the competition.

FEI TV on the World Wide Web

My first piece of advice (if you are one of those lucky mares who has a flat screen TV on the wall of her stall) is to look into an account on FEI TV. Here is the URL for the live feed of the events at this year’s WEG: http://www.feitv.org/live

If you are not now a subscriber to FEI TV you will want to look into whether your computer setup (processor speed, Internet throughput, et alii) are up to snuff BEFORE you plunk down your hard earned cash for a subscription. (Disclaimer: Neither Horses Daily / Dressage Daily or I hold any fiscal interest in FEI TV, so your subscription thereunto will not put a single red pennny or a solitary silver Euro into our pockets.)

I would also recommend – if you choose to subscribe to the streaming video of the WEG via FEI TV – that you log onto the web site BEFORE the broadcast is scheduled to begin. If I were you (and aren’t you terribly glad that that is not the case?), I would start my FEI subscription at least the day before the opening ceremonies (Saturday, 23 Augus) or the dressage competition begins (Monday. 25 August . . . please note that the first rider will enter the ring at 8:10 a.m. . . . the time has been moved up to accommodate all the riders!). Having paid for access to the broadcasts, I would then go to one or more of the archived videos and ascertain that these play correctly on your computer. In this way you will have ample time to seek assistance from the technical support team at FEI TV if you experience any difficulties.

While no commercial service on the World Wide Web is cheap these days, FEI TV at least qualifies as reasonably priced. If you have not by this date sunk money into travel to Normandie, hotel accomodations, and tickets for the WEG, I trust you will find the money well spent.

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 App for iPhone & Android

Only upon the day that I write these words has the 2014 WEG app for iOS (Apple manufactured iPods, iPhones, and iPads) and for Android OS devices become available. Here is what the 2014 WEG web site has to say about the app:

With this mobile application, you will get to discover everything about the event thanks to some exclusive content:  

  • Schedule, Live Scores & Results of all the competitions
  • Rankings & Medals
  • News, photos and videos of the event
  • Visitor Info and Gmaps with all the key points on site (restaurants, parking lots, stadiums' entrance, etc.)
  • Rankings and Biographies of the 1,000 competitors
  • Filters per discipline to enable you to only follow the competitions that you like
  • Social Media Hub: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • A photo contest « Fotofan » to customize your photo
  • A lot more

The app is free for the taking and should help all of us – whether near or far – maximize our enjoyment of the games. If it sounds like your cup of tea, snarf up a copy here: http://www.normandy2014.com/spectator-guide/mobile-application

Again, Hoping to Hear from You

As I typed at the close of my first contribution to this 2014 iteration of the games, I will appreciate being kept on my toes by the AR’s (Alert Readers) who congregate here on the pages of Dressage Daily. If we who have “scrivener” tattooed upon our foreheads fail to satisfy your whetted appetite to know more on any given topic, then kick us in our ample backsides (speaking only for myself, of course) and let us know that we are letting you down. This is best done with a pointed (preferably brief) piece of electronic mail. You will find my backside ready to receive prodding here: frmac@columbia.edu. I look forward to hearing from you. (Special thanks to devoted reader, John McGinty, and his partner Marty who took me up on this offer already. John and Marty spared me the quick kick in the seat of my pants, but did encourage me to delve more deeply into this and that area of interest. Why not join the party, the rest of you AR’s?)

Until next time I wander onto your computer’s screen I remain

Musingly Yours,

Father Mack+