Pam Stone - Actress, Comedian, Author, Dressage Trainer

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
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Pam Stone

Pam Stone

Actress, comedian, and radio-host, Pam Stone, is best known for her 7 seasons on the hit ABC sit-com, 'Coach,' portraying Coach Judy Watkins. While doing her Hollywood stint, she earned her USDF bronze and silver medal, training for for a total of 9 years, full time, with Marie Meyers and, later, with Jan Ebeling. Following a self-imposed vow not to turn 40 in Hollywood, Stone followed her heart and her horses and moved to the southeast. She owns and operates her own small training facility near Tryon, NC, where she can also be found providing 'color commentary' to the crowds at the new Tryon Intl Equestrian Center.

As a comedian, she won The American Comedy Award for 'Best Female Stand-up,' and made dozens of television appearances on such shows as "The Tonight Show," "Oprah," "50 Years of Funny Females" "Comic Strip Live," "Joan Rivers" along with 3 'Showtime' Cable Specials.

Pam Stone

Pam Stone as Judy Watkins and Bill Fagerbakke as Dauber Dybinski from the '90's comedy "Coach"

Stone has published several books, and the Horsesdaily Book Club presents her latest Novel, “Girls Like Her”. Currently on a whirlwind book signing tour, Stone is also awaiting the arrival of a new horse to her farm, and spring.


Girl Like Her

Girls Like Her Bookcover

Lissie Merriman has been harboring a closely held dream for decades, putting it on the back burner as she raised her children, cared for her own parents, and fought breast cancer. Now, as this strong and spirited woman is about to turn 70, she has decided it’s time to realize her fantasy. But, the reaction from her adult children is mixed, especially her daughter, whose own dream is contingent upon Lissie denying hers and she begins to wonder: Are life changing adventures only for the young?

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