Palm Beach Equine Associates Help ShowChic Shop Talk Participants Improve their Dressage Horses’ Soundness

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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Palm Beach Equine Associates presented helpful lameness advice to listeners at a ShopTalk event held at ShowChic. Pictured from left to right; Dr. Stephen O’Grady, Dr. Weston Davis, Krystalanne Shingler, Dr. Scott Swerdlin, and Michele Hundt.

Wellington, FL - The popular Wellington, Florida dressage boutique ShowChic is known for being all about looking flawless when entering the show ring. This month, it came to Wellington’s attention that ShowChic is equally as concerned with the wellbeing and safety of the horse and rider. ShowChic hosted an informative Shop Talk featuring Palm Beach Equine Associates, with speakers Dr. Scott Swerdlin, Dr. Weston Davis, and Dr. Stephen O’Grady. The three veterinarians discussed their unique roles at the celebrated local veterinary clinic Palm Beach Equine Associates, which is the Official Veterinary Clinic of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. As usual, the Shop Talk event was free and open to the public.

Dr. Scott Swerdlin, DVM, President of the Palm Beach Equine Associates, was the first to speak out of the distinguished group. Dr. Swerdlin explained to attendees what the role of each veterinarian is within the practice and why a team approach to lameness and general health is important to making the correct diagnosis and performing all treatments effectively. This well-rounded approach was later demonstrated by Dr. O’Grady and Dr. Davis as they discussed how they work together to make diagnosis of lameness.

Dr. Stephen O’Grady, DVM, MRCVS, was next up to address ShowChic’s Shop Talk attendees. Dr. O’Grady has recently joined the Palm Beach Equine Associates for the 2016 winter season to assist with equine podiatry consultations and advanced foot diagnostic techniques. Dr. O’Grady, who was a farrier for over a decade before becoming a licensed veterinarian, has a unique perspective of a horse’s lower limb anatomy and how it affects movement and soundness. He discussed specific problems stemming from listener questions, and reviewed his recently published paper on rehabilitative shoeing. Although Dr. O’Grady will not be doing any corrective shoeing while spending the winter in Wellington, he is available for consultations with owners and farriers.

Dr. Weston Davis, DVM, was the last of the trio to speak to the Shop Talk listeners. While reiterating what Dr. Swerdlin and Dr. O’Grady had previously discussed, Dr. Davis explained his unique approach to evaluating equine lameness starting from an in-stall standing exam to seeing the horse move and work under saddle. Not only does Dr. Davis have a proven track record for treating performance-related lameness issues, he is also a board-certified surgeon and is capable of helping horse owners make the right decisions when it comes to surgery and rehabilitation for their equine partners.

After the Shop Talk, which included lively question and answer segments with each speaker, listeners were entered into a drawing to win several prizes from Palm Beach Equine Associates, including lameness evaluations, showing consultations, and deworming medicine.

ShowChic hosts Shop Talks throughout the winter show season at its upscale dressage boutique. Shop Talks, which are casual presentations given by leading equestrian industry professionals, have become a favorite event for the local dressage community. The upcoming March edition of Shop Talk will feature author and motivational speaker Laura King. King will discuss “Nine Tips for Achieving Mental Balance for Peak Performance.” This event will be held on Tuesday, March 1 at 6:30 pm. Attendees should come early for the opportunity to shop ShowChic’s wide variety of fashionable equestrian apparel and enjoy light refreshments.

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