From Our Home to Yours - And A Holiday Tip for Greeting Cards

Sunday, November 30, 2008

As promised we want to share with you our new building added to our "compound" here in southern Kentucky. There is still lots to do (we are setting up the office today) but we'd like to give you a sneak peek.

It all started as an equipment building and shelter for the RV, but when we saw the view and the space, we turned it into what my mother-in-law Esther (that's her in the kitchen) has named "Inspiration Lodge". With all the hours required to managing and maintaining the websites, insurance and photo business, it helps having a great space to work in and enjoy. We only have a few short weeks left before returning to Florida for the winter season, but leave our Kentucky office in good hands with photo manager Christy Warrington. We want to give a special thanks to Brad Wilson and KJ Warrington (our photo manager Christy Warrington's husband) for the beautiful work they did, and the harmonious experience we had throughout the process.
More in a slide show
The perfect fall weekend

Cards That Give Back - Another Great Tip from Kim Komando

With hundreds of e-mails daily to manage we are very particular about the newsletters we sign up for. The Kim Komando Show, which is featured on NPR radio, also offers an Electronic Newsletter, your best source of news about the internet, your computer, new software and new web sites. Plus, you'll find computer tips that will make using your machine and the Internet easier and more fun! Best of all, it's FREE! Our personal favorite is the Humane Society card.

Today's website of the day, is a non-profit site that makes it simple to select greeting cards sold by charities. Americans purchase nearly 7 billion greeting cards each year, generating nearly $7.5 billion in retail sales.* If it were easy for individuals and businesses to buy their greeting cards from non-profit organizations, card sales could generate millions of dollars for worthy causes.

That is the idea behind