Our 2009 Euro Trip Has Begun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Posted by bossmare

We are taking a week holiday before we plunge into coverage of Aachen CHIO. We flew here on KLM, courtesy of Humberto Rivera, who owns and operates FlyHFR.com. Humberto is a well respected shipping agent from the US, and has set us up with KLM to fly back with the horses when we return on July 8. Because we are flying as “grooms” to support the staff who fly with the horses, we fly one way commercially and then back on the cargo plane July 8. Humberto has been very informative letting us know of all that is involved. We lucked out and ended up in business class. I should have rested, but was having too much fun watching movies, eating fine food, and drinking wonderful wine. The KLM staff, from the ticket counter to the flight was all wonderful, friendly and accommodating. Stay tuned for our stories and photos coming up next month on what it is like for the horses and grooms to travel from Europe to America. It is very interesting. Thank you Humberto for this exciting opportunity!