Omega Alpha Rewards Outstanding Horse Health at the Colorado Horse Park Dressage in the Rockies

Saturday, August 13, 2016
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Tennyson-ISF, owned and ridden by Suzie Halle, won the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at The Colorado Horse Park’s Dressage in the Rockies I, II, & III show (Photo courtesy of the Colorado Horse Park)

Tennyson-ISF, owned and ridden by Suzie Halle, won the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award at The Colorado Horse Park’s Dressage in the Rockies I, II, & III show (Photo: Colorado Horse Park)

Parker, CO – Omega Alpha Pharmaceutical’s goal is to promote excellent health in horses. That’s why the company is devoted to rewarding horses that exhibit great health, and has been presenting the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award to horses at the Colorado Horse Park all summer long.

Most recently, 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding Tennyson-ISF, owned and ridden by Suzie Halle, won the award at The Colorado Horse Park’s Dressage in the Rockies I, II, & III show. The Colorado Horse Park show committee nominated Tennyson-ISF for the award because of his impressive fitness and build, which matches Omega Alpha standards for excellent equine health. Tennyson-ISF won a beautiful ribbon, embroidered fly scrim, and an array of equine health supplements from Omega Alpha.

Suzie Halle has been the proud owner of Tennyson-ISF since 2007. “Tennyson is a kind, intelligent, and trusting soul. [USEF Dressage Young Horse Coach] Christine Traurig said he is the most willing horse she has ever seen in her entire life,” says Halle.

“The key to Tennyson's good health is a combination of being in a program with the most amazing trainers in the world; great nutrition, farrier, veterinarian, and chiropractic care; and adhering to a well-thought-out daily routine that contributes to a positive state of well-being. He lives at home in our back yard stable, where I do all the care and give him loads of attention and love. He knows how special he is and that translates into confidence and pride, which converts into a happy, working athlete,” Halle explains.

As Omega Alpha knows well, good health in a horse is a key factor to success in the arena. Tennyson and Halle have found this to be true in their own endeavors. “Our biggest competition accomplishment, besides riding the Grand Prix in the U.S. Dressage Finals in 2014, took place this May when we were invited to compete at the CDI4* Omaha World Cup Exhibition,” says Halle.

“We are now only in our third year at Grand Prix, and at 16 he is just coming into his prime.” Tennyson has also helped Halle to her USEF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, and to the title of 2015 KWPN Adult Amateur Grand Prix Reserve Champion.

Halle is excited to try the Omega Alpha products that Tennyson-ISF won in his Healthy Horse Award.

“During the upcoming Regional Championship competitions, I look forward to using the electrolyte paste (Omega Alpha Equisel-BCAA) that he won, because we will be riding two Grand Prixs and two Grand Prix Freestyles over four days. At 18 hands, it takes a lot to keep him hydrated. The product he won to sooth his stomach (Gastra-FX) is also of interest, because he is very sensitive and internalizes stress so is prone to tummy ulcers if I do not manage that carefully. This product should help him stay comfortable,” says Halle.

Receiving the Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award was an honor for Halle. “I was unfamiliar with Omega Alpha until we received this award, but I was thrilled that we won this award when I learned that Omega Alpha only uses natural ingredients. We use only non-GMO organic hay, feed, and supplements because I believe in pesticide-free food. I was especially happy because the timing couldn’t have been better. Tennyson was on 10 days of antibiotics for recovery from an abscess, which prevented any training until three days prior to this competition, and I was running low on probiotics, so I was delighted to discover the Biotic 8 in the prize basket. Tennyson performed four Grand Prix tests over four days; it was a lot to ask of him. He deserves everything that can help him stay and feel his best,” says Halle.

Omega Alpha was proud to reward Tennyson-ISF’s good health at the Colorado Horse Park. Using the finest natural ingredients available, Omega Alpha offers a wide range of award-winning products developed through research-based science. The company’s products include supplements to support horses’ respiration, digestion, joint health, hormonal balance, immune health, detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, and performance.

To learn more about Omega Alpha’s range of quality health products and how they can help you improve and maintain your horses’ readiness for competition, visit www.OmegaAlpha.ca or call 1-800-651-3172.