Omega Alpha’s Equestrian Gift Guide for the Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Posted by Mary Phelps


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With the holiday season in full swing, many of you may be thinking about what to get for your fellow boarders, barn friends, and even your horses. Omega Alpha has put together a holiday season stocking stuffer gift guide perfect for your fellow equine enthusiasts and friends. Omega Alpha has the perfect gifts that you can send straight to the top of your shopping list.

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Equisel-BCAA Paste

With the cold weather, horses tend not to stay as hydrated as they should. It is important to replace and supplement electrolytes to horses, especially during the colder months. Dehydration can lead to other health problems. Omega Alpha’s Equisel-BCAA supports rehydration and can replace minerals back into the body.

Equisel-BCAA Paste facts straight from the horse's mouth!

  • Performance & Recovery Formula
  • Contains amino acids
  • Supports post-workout health

EnduraForce Paste

May help with recovery after strenuous activity EnduraForce is a powerhouse of a product for your super athlete! EnduraForce is ideal for post-workout and event recovery. EnduraForce’s mighty formula will help your superstar equine feel their best during intense workouts and important events or competitions. Grab a convenient on-the-go tube of EnduraForce for anyone in your life you know is driven and competition hungry.

EnduraForce facts straight from the horse's mouth!

  • Helps promote recovery from strenuous activity
  • Does not make the horse jittery or strong
  • Helps boost the immune system!

Gastra-FX Ultra Paste

Helps maintain a healthy gut Have you ever wondered if there was an all-around super product to help with that tricky equine digestive system? Well, good news! There is! Gastra-FX aids and maintains an overall healthy intestinal tract in your horse. It helps with: Colic symptoms, bloating (hay belly), gas, discomfort, irritability, and more! If there's one product you could get all your fellow equine friends, it would be this product because you can’t go wrong with a healthy gut.

Gastra-FX facts straight from the horse's mouth!

  • Soothes and promotes a healthy gut
  • Made with a blend of all-natural botanical herbs
  • Helps reduce irritability associated with stomach discomfort

RegenerEQ Paste

Acts as a GI Regenerator and Appetite Stimulant RegenerEq can give your horse that healthy boost of extra nutrients they may need to establish a healthy gut and appetite. Sometimes horses are picky eaters just like their human companions, RegenerEq can help get your equine pal back to being as “hungry as a horse”!

RegenerEQ facts straight from the horse's mouth!

  • Help soothe a stressed-out horse which can cause gastrointestinal distress.
  • Helps regulate and level gastrointestinal production
  • Encourages weight gain

Chill Ultra Paste

Promotes and Enhances Relaxed Behavior Chill Ultra Paste is a fantastic product that can be used to help horses remain calm, cool, and collected. It is especially helpful for those living in cooler climates to help with those chilly mornings when your horse might be feeling a little bit fresh. Chill Ultra Paste, with its calming formula, is specifically designed to help anxious or overly excited horses calm down. It has been specially engineered to help with pre-performance jitters.

Help your horse “chill out” with Chill Ultra paste.

Chill Ultra Plus facts straight from the horse's mouth!

  • Does not make the horse sleepy or drowsy
  • Will not negatively affect performance
  • It can also be used for horses with trailer fright, behavioral problems, stall rest, or for separation anxiety.

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