Olympic Magic Continues for Team USA at The White House

Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Allison Brock and Kasey Perry-Glass pose with Olympic Gymnasts

Wearing their medaks Allison Brock and Kasey Perry-Glass pose with Olympic Gymnasts.

Still basking in the Bronze Team glow, US Dressage Olympic Dressage Medalists Allison Brock, Kasey Perry-Glass and Steffen Peters as well as Para Riders Rebecca Hart, Annie Peavy and Sydney Collier and Margaret McIntosh visited the White House, September 28 along with many other Olympians for the Olympic Ring Ceremony.

Allison Brock, a native from Hawaii, had a special one on one chat with Obama while meeting him and learning she was from his birth state Hawaii. "I just had an incredible experience meeting President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and Vice President Biden at the White House," Brock posted to her Facebook page. "He was super excited to hear I was from Kailua and asked a bunch of questions about my family and me. Both he and the First Lady gave me a hug and said they'd be back in Hawaii in December as usual,then apologized for the motorcade and traffic."

It was amazing to be with all the Team USA athletes and para athletes over the last 24 hours. So inspiring! I am incredibly proud to be an American - there is so much good here and we are so capable as a country. I am so grateful!"

Rebecca Hart managed to get a few photos up on Facebook as well as she went from Washington continuing competition and Olympic celebrations with teammates at Dressage at Devon.