Oldenburg Stallion Donates Wins TailRx “Best Tail Award” At Wellington Classic Dressage Show

Thursday, January 15, 2009

West Palm Beach, FL – Donates, a stunning black Oldenburg stallion owned by Melanie Pai and ridden and shown by dressage rider Lynda Alicki, is a handsome as they come – from his chiseled face all the way down to his thick, luxurious tail. Thanks to his amazing tail, the stallion won the TailRx “Best Tail Award” at the Wellington Dressage Classic Challenge I Show at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center.

TailRx, the revolutionary new mane and tail restoration system for horses, awards the TailRx “Best Tail Award” at the Wellington Dressage circuit to the horse with the most luxurious tail. Mary Brunetti of Fine Equine Products presented a beautiful basket full of TailRx prizes to Alicki and Donates.

TailRx was developed by Brunetti, an award winning celebrity hair stylist and nationally recognized technical hair consultant, and has revolutionized how horse owner’s care for their horse’s manes and tails. “TailRx is professional hair care for horses,” explained Burnetti.

Alicki, who represented the U.S. on the 1999 Gold Medal Pan American team, was thrilled that Donates won the “Best Tail Award.” The seven-year-old, 16.3 hand Oldenburg stallion is owned by Melanie Pai of Middleburg, Virginia, and is also a successful FEI competition horse.

Developed for equine hair recovery, TailRx is the first product of its kind that combats hair loss and helps horses develop a thick, luxurious mane and tail. TailRx is an easy to administer three-step treatment and all horse owners need to do is follow the simple 5-minute application routine. Brunetti tells horse owners they can expect noticeable improvements from TailRx in the first week and then expect thicker, stronger and longer hair in just a few months.

TailRx awards for “The Best Tail” will be presented throughout the season at Wellington Classic Dressage Show and Gold Coast Dressage Association Shows. TailRx is available from Dover Saddlery at www.doversaddlery.com, Schneiders at www.sstack.com. Additional distributors include Bradley Caldwell, Jack’s Manufacturing, Inc., RJ Matthews and Veterinary Service Inc. Visit www.tailrx.com for more information.