Oh Canada: Canadians Take the Nations Cup Win

Friday, March 24, 2017
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Tina Irwin and Laurencio

Tina Irwin and Laurencio (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Wellington, FL - Day two of the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO 3* at the 2017 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) in Wellington, FL, brought victory and a gold medal for the Canadian team on Thursday, March 23, at the Equestrian Village at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC).

The final week of AGDF competition runs from March 22-25, 2017, and features the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO 3* as well as the FEI Nations Cup CDIO-U25, and the last "Friday Night Stars" FEI Grand Prix Freestyle of the season.

The Canadian team clinched the top of the podium with impressive performances in the FEI Intermediaire I CDIO 3* and the FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO 3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm. This followed strong rides executed on Wednesday, when the Canadian team established an early lead.

Jaimey Irwin and Donegal V

Jaimey Irwin and Donegal V (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Tina Irwin (CAN) and Laurencio, her 2007 Oldenburg gelding (Laurentio x Pasadena x Donerhall), took the spot on the top of the leaderboard once again in the FEI Intermediaire CDIO 3 with a score of 73.237%.

Irwin commented, "I'm very lucky to have a horse like Laurencio. He's very special. To have such amazing rideability quality-wise, and such a good temperament to go with it, it's quite easy to ride him. He does a great job; I just sit on top and steer him. I'm pleased with our season, and I knew that he was a special horse right from the beginning. I'm happy to start to showcase that.

"I think it's a great experience to be having these Nations Cups," continued Irwin, who felt this competition helps prepare riders and horses for championships. "It's huge for us to get together as a country and have these experiences."

Jill Irwin and Degas 12

Jill Irwin and Degas 12 (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

The second-highest score in the FEI I-1 CDIO 3* was captured by Tina's husband, Jaimey Irwin (CAN), and Donegal V, a 2008 KWPN gelding (Johnston x Remy x Gribaldi) owned by Team Irwin Supporters Group. They recorded a 69.263%.

"Donegal has been doing extremely well this year," said Irwin." I'm very happy with his progress. He did a really good test yesterday; it was super except for his halt in the beginning, (when) he got a little excited. Today, the wind came and the tent was flapping and that got him really excited, so he wasn't quite with me today, but he still tried. He has a lot of ability in there for the future, and I'm very happy with the way he's going."

Canadian team member Jill Irving rode her own Degas 12, a 2002 Hanoverian gelding (De Niro x Rosana M x Regazonni), to a score of 69.588% in the FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO 3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm.

Megan Lane and Caravella

Megan Lane and Caravella (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Said Irving of her experience with Degas 12, "We did our job, and that was the goal. I love pressure, but I focus on what I need to do in the ring and Degas was ready to step up."

Megan Lane and her mount Caravella, a 2001 KWPN mare (Contango x P. Riviera x Riverman) rode as the anchors for Canada in the FEI Grand Prix Special and scored 70.176%.

"Having the pressure of being the anchor," said Lane, "I try not to think about that and I just really wanted to have a good ride. I do well under pressure, so I'm privileged that I got to be in that spot. Coming out of it I was thrilled; I'm actually still shaking! I'm really happy with Caravella. I think she's in a good spot. The piaffe passage work is always a highlight, and her canter half-passes are really nice to ride. Her changes, as you can probably see, they are a little difficult to sit because they're so jumpy, but those are her highlights."

Olivia LaGoy-Weltz (USA) spoke on behalf of the silver medal USA team, "For all of us, everyone that participates, a good, friendly competition pushes us all to be better and provides an opportunity to develop and move on. It's such a great group of people that we have here in Wellington, so it's fun in general getting to come together with your country-mates and be in that pressure situation. If you don't get to practice those things, then you're only getting to do them when you go to a WEG or an Olympics or a Pan Ams, and we could all use the mileage."

Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Lonoir

Olivia LaGoy-Weltz and Lonoir (Photo: ©SusanJStickle)

Spain team member Juan Matute Guimon added, "We are all very thankful for Stillpoint Farm and the sponsors and organizers that make this possible for another year. In my case, I was very happy to also see the inauguration of the first U-25 CDIO competition. Unfortunately, today didn't go so well for me, but overall I'm very happy with how the week is going. It's all a positive experience. Even the bad days are better because you get to learn from your mistakes and analyze yourself. When you win and you're always happy with your rides, you don't always look at the little mistakes. I think the bad days are better to help you grow, as a rider, as a professional, and as an athlete."

Competition at AGDF will continue tomorrow witha full schedule of classes and including the FEI Intermediaire 1 Freestyle CDIO 3* presented by Stillpoint Farm, the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIO 3* presented by Stillpoint Farm, and the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle 16-25 CDIO-U25* presented by Diamante Farms, during which the Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ team medals will be presented in the competition break. For more information and to see a full list of results, please visit

Stillpoint Farm FEI Nations Cup™ CDIO 3* TEAM STANDINGS:
Gold Medal- Team Canada: 434.528 points
Silver Medal- Team USA: 432.661 points
Bronze Medal- Team Spain: 397.690 points

Final Results: FEI Intermediaire I CDIO 3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm Place, Rider, Nationality, Horse, Horse Information: Judge E%, Judge H%, Judge C%, Judge M%, Judge B%, Total %

1. Tina Irwin (CAN), Laurencio, 2007 Oldenburg gelding by Laurentio x Pasadena x Donerhall, owned by Tina Irwin: 71.579%, 72.632%, 73.816%, 73.289%, 74.868%, 73.237%
2. Jaimey Irwin (CAN), Donegal V, 2008 KWPN gelding by Johnston x Remy x Gribaldi, owned by Team Irwin Supporters Group: 68.158%, 69.211%, 70.921%, 67.237%, 70.789%, 69.263%
3. Esther Mortimer (GUA), Adajio, 2004 Hanoverian gelding by Alabaster x Elsi x El Dorado, owned by Sue Schramayr: 66.579%, 68.026%, 67.368%, 67.632%, 66.316%, 67.184%
4. Marta Renilla (ESP), Rhustler, 2009 Hanoverian gelding by Rosseau x Rheporter x Royal Prince, owned by Marta Renilla: 64.342%, 66.579%, 65.395%, 65.000%, 63.289%, 64.921%
5. Pablo Gomez Molina (ESP), Furst Fiorano Ymas, Westfalian gelding by Furst Piccolo x Donna Lorenza, owned by Yeguada de Ymas S.L.: 65.526%, 63.947%, 61.711%, 63.026%, 64.737%, 63.789%
6. Paula Matute Guimon (ESP), Legacys Alminar, 2004 gelding, owned by Deborah Berger: 58.947%, 59.605%, 59.737%, 56.842%, 56.184%, 58.263%

Final Results: FEI Grand Prix Special CDIO 3*, presented by Stillpoint Farm Place, Rider, Nationality, Horse, Horse Information: Judge E%, Judge H%, Judge C%, Judge M%, Judge B%, Total %

1. Olivia LaGoy-Weltz (USA), Lonoir, 2004 Danish Warmblood gelding by De Noir x Lorani x Loran, owned by Olivia LaGoy-Weltz: 71.078%, 72.451%, 73.922%, 69.314%, 72.255%, 71.804%
2. Shelly Francis (USA), Doktor, 2003 Oldenburg gelding by Diamond Hit x Gurena x Renoir I, owned by Patricia Stempel: 70.882%, 71.765%, 69.902%, 69.608%, 70.098%, 70.451%
3. Megan Lane (CAN), Caravella, 2001 KWPN mare by Contango x P. Riviera x Riverman, owned by Megan Lane: 67.843%, 70.098%, 72.157%, 69.706%, 71.078%, 70.176%
4. Lisa Wilcox (USA), Galant, 2006 Belgian Warmblood gelding by Escuro x Bellisima, owned by Jacqueline Sheer: 68.137%, 69.412%, 71.176%, 70.294%, 69.412%, 69.686%
5. Jill Irving (CAN), Degas 12, 2002 Hanoverian gelding by De Niro x Rosana M x Regazonni, owned by Jill Irving: 69.804%, 68.039%, 69.608%, 71.373%, 69.118%, 69.588%
6. Juan Matute Guimon (ESP), Quantico Ymas, 2006 Hanoverian gelding by Fighting Fit x Hauptstutbuch, owned by Juan F Matute: 69.314%, 68.431%, 68.824%, 68.137%, 68.137%, 68.569%
7. Kelly Layne (AUS), Von Primaire, 2002 KWPN gelding by Don Primaire x Noraline x Amiral ZW P.S., owned by Kelly Layne: 66.569%, 67.745%, 67.255%, 66.569%, 66.275%, 66.882%