NRHA European Championship Show Ushers in New Era for European Reiners

Saturday, April 20, 2002
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The first-ever National Reining Horse Association European Championship Show has been scheduled for Bolzano, Italy.

Although details for the European Championships were only finalized by the NRHA's International Affiliate Subcommittee in late January, news of the July 4-7 event immediately sparked interest and enthusiasm within the European Reining community.

Giancarlo Doardo, whose The Equestrian Association Management (TEAM) will manage the European Championship show, has seen the lightning expansion of reining in Europe. He views the European Championship as the next step in that growth.

"This show will open a new age in the history of reining," commented Doardo. "Europe is learning step-by-step that there are now no more borders. Riders and breeders will both benefit."

Doardo added, "The European Championship will give exhibitors an event to enjoy - one that is well organized, with big added money and superior advertising and communication management."

He also sees a long-term benefit to the creation of the championship show. "It's the first step toward developing a European reining program that will benefit each country individually. I'm sure that soon there will be European-wide incentive breeders programs, and other European special events too."

Doardo thinks the advent of the European Championship show and the centralized record-keeping through the affiliation with the National Reining Horse Association will boost the reining horse market in Europe. "Reining will really become an industry, as it is in the United States. People in the horse business from all over Europe will benefit."

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