November Clinic on Molecular Elements for the Ultimate Connection Sold Out - Dr. Maria Katsamanis Accepting New Clinic Dates

Friday, October 25, 2013
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Lambertville, NJ - At the gathering she traditionally holds the night before one of her clinics, New Jersey-based clinical psychologist and horse trainer, Dr. Katsamanis introduces participants to classical principles of the French tradition of dressage along with scientific findings from the world of New Physics. Dr. Katsamanis, who co-authored The Alchemy of Lightness with Dominique Barbier, says when science converges with dressage, the results between a horse and rider can be amazing. Her clinics introduce a world of 'molecular equitation,' a scientific study of the interplay between mechanisms during human-horse interaction."Our two species - horses and humans - share a connection that pre-dates gadgets or formulas. The inclusion of scientific information to explain our relationship with our horses allows a new way of thinking. Science helps explain what we experience with our horses.”

While her November 9-11 clinic, 'Molecular Elements for the Ultimate Connection' in Ringoes, New Jersey, has sold out, there is still time to secure this groundbreaking pioneer of the Klassical-Kind-Konnected approach to the equestrian relationship to your facility as Dr. Katsamanis is now accepting clinic dates and new clients.

Her clinics introduce simple yet powerful techniques that can improve the horse/rider connection; evaluate key physiological factors in each participant that affect rapport with an equine partner; and identify and release physical and mental barriers in riding styles.

As a clinician, Dr. Katsamanis brings an extraordinary skill set: experience as a horse trainer combined with a doctorate in clinical psychology. Her empathy, training and experience allow her to explain the barriers and myths that block the path between a horse and rider enjoying the ultimate dance together.

Her broad equestrian expertise includes studying in Greece and France, as well as America, and she credits among her dressage influences the great masters Dominique Barbier and Walter Zettl. Her early equestrian career included working as an exercise rider for a French racing barn and she is one of a select few trainers outside of India, that has worked with rare Marwari horses. Dr. Katasmanis also had the honor of performing as an exhibition rider for the Queen’s 60th Diamond Jubilee Pageant in Windsor, England. 

Dr. Katsamanis maintains an active and exclusive student base in New Jersey and is sought after as a clinician here and abroad. While she teaches classical dressage and does not compete, many of her students are top competitors who regard Dr. Katsamanis as their “personal secret to success”! For more information, visit her website, www.mariakatsamanis.com.