North American Western Dressage Introduces – Youth Program Phase III

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Helping Youth Who Help Equine Rescues 
March 3, 2015 (Minnesota) --  North American Western Dressage (NAWD) is pleased to announce its third phase of its youth program. Phase I is about individual achievement and you can learn more HERE. When Youth become members of NAWD, they are eligible to earn points that accumulate to help them earn medals and embroidered Star patches. We have seen an increase in youth memberships so we know this program is resonating.  In Phase II, we collaborate with schools to help them form competitive equestrian teams based on the virtual show program. More details on the School partnership program can be found HERE. In our third phase, North American Western Dressage Professionals from California to Connecticut and all points in between will be offering free coaching in limited quantities to youth riders who volunteer at their local equine rescues. 

A special shout-out to Coeli Netski, NAWD Professional from New Jersey, for the inspiration in creating this program.  

NAWD Professionals will help youth who join this program in the following ways:
1. Offer 5 or more free lessons each year. These are five individual lessons to be given to multiple youth.
2. Offer a free mini-clinic to a local club, using a curriculum that is provided by NAWD.  

Youth Riders qualify when they volunteer at a local equine rescue (confirmed by the rescue director/coordinator). Individuals will qualify for individual lessons, clubs and groups will qualify for mini-clinics when they volunteer as a group. To participate, youth must be a NAWD member in good standing or a member of a NAWD School team.  Each youth or group is eligible for one free lesson/coaching session or free clinic.  

Here is a list of North American Western Dressage Professionals as of March 2, 2015, who have signed up to offer lessons or mini-clinics in support of this program.  Click HERE for direct links to these NAWD Professionals. 

Laura Baxter Padgett -- KS
Cathy Drumm – MA
Cassie Springer -- MN
Coeli Netsky -- NJ
Gina DeSantis -- PA
Katie Weagley - PA
Linda Lee-Bower -- PA
Barbara Kranzel -- WI
Bethany Tuskey – WI
Cathy Cline -- WI
Kristina Ellis – WI
Wendy Konichek - WI
Patrick King – OH
Mike Marquez - CT
Michael Guerini – CA   

When a North American Western Dressage Professional is not in the immediate area of a youth who chooses to participate in this program, NAWD Professionals who travel nationally teaching clinics will work with local groups and individuals to set up a lesson or mini-clinic. Additionally, NAWD has partnered with Coach’s Corral to provide virtual lessons for youth who do not have immediate access to a local NAWD Professional.   "Working with equine rescues is more than just a way for these young riders to give back to the community. It is a very eye-opening experience and we hope that it will give kids a lifelong awareness of the fact that there are far too many horses without homes and purpose in life. This experience will help youth become responsible members of the equine industry." says Jen Johnson, President of NAWD. "I am extremely proud of our NAWD Professionals for the sheer number that stepped up to the plate to offer their services. This is a true testimony to their commitment to our children's future."  

Program details can be found HERE or at www.nawdhorse.org

About North American Western Dressage - North American Western Dressage is a non-profit organization that offers casual, fun, and affordable ways to learn about Western Dressage in the form of clinics and virtual shows. We start from the ground up with our "Six Feet on the Ground" Groundwork program, continue with Western Dressage Tests, Western Dressage Freestyles, and Western Dressage Trail tests. Our judges are carefully chosen for their understanding that Western Dressage is not dressage in a western saddle and that the fundamentals of good riding are universal. We embrace and include equine enthusiasts from ALL walks of life.
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