No Guts, No Glory for Endel Ots and Kings Pleasure

Friday, September 23, 2022
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Endel Ots, once again had great success at the 2022 Festival of Champions. This time with Zen Elite’s Kings Pleasure, a KPWN approved stallion owned by Zen Elite Equestrian Center’s Heidi Humphries. There is one thing that Endel and his horses never travel without, the Omega Alpha Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste, a 60 ml single use dosing syringe packed with the most natural gut health formula on the equestrian supplement market. Key ingredients like licorice root, L-Glutamine, and magnesium make this paste the ultimate aid for equine digestion and stomach health.

“Gastra–FX Ultra Paste is great before hauling and daily before training. Keeping my horses as comfortable as possible is key to them wanting to do their best.”-Endel Ots

Ideal for Travel

Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste
Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste

The Omega Alpha® Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste is great for traveling horses on the road. Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste soothes and promotes a healthy gut while reducing gas, bloating and stomach discomfort. Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste can also reduce irritability due to stomach discomfort that can be mistaken as behavioural issues.

Quick Acting 

Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste is a quick-acting, highly concentrated paste for an irritated gut due to stressful situations. This product is often used before an event or traveling to help produce a happier, more comfortable, and more willing horse. It can also be used prior to bridling to reduce the increased stomach acid triggered by salivation on the bit. 


Along with its convenience of being in a single dose tube, which makes it easily packable, measuring the proper and exact dosing is also a breeze! And of course, Omega Alpha® prides itself with the same great taste your horse craves but without having to bring an entire Gastra-FX™ gallon bottle to the show. 

“It’s a single dose syringe, it is so easy to use and extremely convenient to use especially when traveling and showing. It keeps supplement and feed packing to a minimum”. - Endel Ots 

Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste
Omega Alpha’s Gastra–FX Ultra™ Paste

Omega Alpha® products are made from all-natural, human-grade ingredients. All products are clinically tested and evaluated by our in-house master herbalist, pharmacists, veterinarians, medical doctors and naturopathic doctors. 

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