Nicole DelGiorno and Lamborghini Dane In The Spotlight Again

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Posted by Lynndee

In the junior competition, New Jersey rider the North American Junior Young Rider Gold medallist, Nicole DelGiorno, 17, took the win in the Junior Individual Test with a score of 65.088 riding Lamborghini Dane. Second went to Julia Burtt and Aaron VI with a score of 63.509. Third were Dominique Cassavetis and Charming Princess with a score of 63.421. DelGiorno said she couldn’t be more pleased with her win. “Today’s ride was a really great feeling and a big improvement from yesterday. I’m really happy. I couldn’t be more pleased with him. He seems to be having fun and really enjoying his job. It’s always a good feeling when you come out of the ring and feel that your horse had fun and you had fun and you get the score to boot.”

Lamborghini Dane, a 10-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding, is owned by Kathleen Faltz, whom DelGiorno thanked for the ride. “Kathleen got him two years ago and then he was laid up with a stifle injury,” she said. It was thought that his riding career was over but he was able to be brought back to work and back to showing. DelGiorno has had the ride on him since February. “And it’s been great. They’ve been so supportive and I really feel honored to be the one to ride him.”

Her ride on Friday wasn’t quite so good and DelGiorno said what she changed on Saturday was that “I stopped micro-managing. Yesterday, I kind of got in his face too much.” DelGiorno had trained with Rick Klaassen, but he has now returned to Europe so George Williams has taken over as her coach. “Thankfully, George Williams stepped in at the last minute,” DelGiorno said. This is her last year as a junior rider and her own horse is still in rehabilitation and Faltz will likely take back the ride on her horse. DelGiorno won’t mind as she feels that after working so hard to get him back, Faltz should ride him. “I couldn’t be happier because she’s been through a lot with him,” she said, “I told her I’d be her slave for the next show season.” In closing, DelGiorno also wanted to thank her newest sponsor – Nutrimax.